Our solar system is very fascinating place for people. There are billions of things which we need to explore that is why everyone attracts towards space and solar system. There are millions of solar system  other than our solar system. Now, In our solar system we have eight planets previously it was nine but planet “PLUTO” has been excluded and it has been included in a category called “Dwarf Planets”.

What is Dwarf Planet?

Dwarf planets are those planets which are neither planet nor moon. This term was raised in 2006. International Astronomical Union explains more a dwarf planet is a celestial object in direct orbit of the Sun. Our solar system has a lot of interesting things but now i am going to share 10 very interesting facts about our solar system which you should do not know.

10 Interesting Facts are below

Fact No 1: Before 1986 it was assume that life existed only on Earth but NASA found some evidences in rocks which seems like fossil of a living organism on planet Mars. NASA is still trying to find life on Mars but they do not be successful yet.

Fact No 2: We are living in a milky way galaxy is one among billions.

Fact No 3: Scientist believes that our solar system had formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

Fact No 4: The Moon contains more scars and craters then our Earth.

Fact No 5: There is very little amount of activity exist on Moon while Earth is reforming continuously by storms, earthquake, rain and by growing of plants.

Fact No 6: Jupiter has a unique feature which is persistent storm which is larger than Earth it is usually called “Great Red Spot”. Jupiter has very huge gallery of its moons which is “67”.

Fact No 7: It is predicted that like black holes there is a white hole which sprays light like fountain and matter.

Fact No 8: Exploring space is very interesting for this purpose you can use portable planetarium which is a latest technology. Planetarium are like theatres it will show you all the elements of solar system like planets, moons, stars, sun, dwarf planets and other celestial bodies in a moving scenario. Planetarium also shows sky and its celestial bodies which you cannot see by naked eye. A number of schools, colleges and universities bought planetarium to educate their students about solar system.

Fact No 9: This also a interesting fact about our moon that if we walk on moon our footprints will never disappeared because there is no wind to blow it away.

Fact No 10: Neptune completes its one year in 165 years compared to Earth and its one day completes in 19.1 Earth hours.

Source by Danial Khalid