The tomboy is probably the favourite type of girl that boys like to hang out with. She is a ‘bro’ and fits right in. She can out-swear you, out-drink you and can out-play you in FIFA more often than not.

Here are 10 reasons why you should go ahead and date this awesome creature!

1. She is Adventurous

image 1, tomboy

Her middle name is adventure. A tomboy will get an element of surprise in your life that a conventional girlfriend never can. She is always ready to try something new, something different and dangerous. Be it a road trip, camping or hiking, she is the one who will be ready with her backpack.

2. She is Understanding

image 2, tomboy

You can tell her anything and everything. Have a shady past? She won’t dwell on it. Have a lot of unhygienic habits? She will say, “Welcome to the squad dude, I know how difficult it is to be hygienic!” Not in a mood to meet her, instead wanna catch the game with your boys? You don’t even have to ask her, it’s always a green signal from her side.

3. She is Straight Forward

image 3, tomboy

She doesn’t like beating around the bush, if she has a strong opinion about something she will say it on your face. Tomboys seldom complain about things getting overboard. They do not collapse under pressure. Perhaps, this has more to do with their never say die attitude.

4. She is Equally Romantic

image 4, tomboy

One often tends to have a misconception that tomboys are cold-hearted, practical creatures. She may not be a fairy tale kind of a romantic person However, her soul is transparent. She is idyllic when viewed from a distance and up close a die-hard romantic.

5. She is Independent

image 5, tomboy

She is no damsel in distress. She is an independent woman and prefers to fight her on battles. She may tell you about what’s happening in her life but that doesn’t mean she wants you to get involved in it. I mean this is the best time to show off her karate and boxing skills, she doesn’t want you to rain on her parade!

6. She Will Get Ready in No Time

image 6, tomboy

Because all she needs to do is throw on some ripped jeans, random Tee or hoodie and her beloved converse and she is ready to roll. No need to stand uselessly on her door and wait for her to make an appearance.

7. She is not Clingy

image 7, tomboy

Remember, she may not be mushy and possessive, but she will decimate you with her killer attitude. She will give you your space as she loves hers. But if you break her heart, she won’t think twice before breaking your bone!

8. She is Not A Drama Queen

image 8, tomboy

She has that athletic, jaw-dropping figure under those loose Tees and hoodies. She won’t cry about her weight and will literally wolf down the whole burgers when hungry. She can easily lose those extra carbs in the gym or on the basketball court.

9. She will Fit In into Your Boy Gang in a Jiffy

image 9, tomboy

A tomboy knows boys very well and definitely knows how to handle their lame jokes and often bridge the gap with other boys in your group. They enjoy the company of boys and will win their hearts with their broad thinking.

10. She is Fun

image 10, tomboy

At the end of the day dating a tomboy is more fun. There are a lot of things that you both can actually do together like a PS3 date or a basketball game date, shopping hand-in-hand, because you both probably will be interested in the same section!

Remember boys, she is free-spirited, different, sporty, wired etc etc..but don’t forget she is a girl too! Respect her, adore her, don’t be clingy and possessive but care for her, give her attention and trust me you won’t regret it. You too know she is a keeper!

Tell us to know how it really is to date a tomboy in the comment section below.

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