10 Signs that You Are a Complete Bookworm


When others spend their evenings partying, watching the game or shopping, you would prefer to spend your evening curled up in your bed with your favorite book and a hot cup of coffee beside you. Spending the evening reading your favorite book will be doing something you LOVE and it will definitely be counted in one of your BEST evenings.
Here are 10 signs you will definitely exhibit if you are a complete bookworm:

1. You Spend Most of a Day Reading

image 1, bookworm

Whatever may be the situation; be it a tornado at your home or a havoc that has been created in your neighborhood, it will not deter you from pursuing your hobby- READING. You would prefer reading than watching television or wasting time on the internet. Nothing can ever stop you from picking up a book and start reading.

2. Once You Start a Book You Have to Finish It

image 2, bookworm

You are one of those people who once starts a novel or a play, wouldn’t move from your seat until you are done reading the last word of the book, though it would be bibliography. Whatever may happen, though you need to keep the midnight lamps burning, or read below your duvet with your torchlight flashing on your book, you will not be satisfied without completing the book.

3. You Carry a Book With You Everytime

image 3, bookworm

With all the essentials you carry around in your handbag or shoulder bag, you will always find a pair of books. Though you could forget your essential like a moisturizer or your favorite chap stick, you will never forget you favorite book. Instead you would carry an extra book so that you wouldn’t ever run out of stock to read!

4. You Library at Home is ‘Over-Full’

image 4, bookworm

Try pulling out a book from your library at home and the whole thing comes down crumbling like the house of cards. Your every New Year resolution is to clear up and rearrange you book shelf or library, but u don’t land up doing so. Though you tend to add up to your collection, eliminating any of those books from it is heart wrenching. So you library continues being stuffed with those extra additions.

5. You Can Actually Quote Lines From Your Favourite Book

image 5, bookworm

You are completely addicted to books or reading, if you exhibit the symptom of ‘quoting your favorite lines’ from any novel or play. Be it any argument or any group discussion, you have the power of making your audience awestruck by quoting your favorite lines from your favorite book or poem.

6. You Really Get Attached to the Characters in Whatever You Are Reading

image 6, bookworm


You will definitely shed tears if there is a sad ending or you are going to jump around ecstatically when there is a happily-ever-after. This signs tell us you are a complete book addict. You tend to emotionally connect to the protagonist of the book you are reading and you tend to empathize with her. You also crave to be in the shoes of that protagonist and also so empathize with her towards the end of the book.

7. You Get Murderous When Somebody Damages Your Book

image 7, bookworm

Fold a page in your novel, drop coffee over it or let the cover chip off, you decide to avenge them for the heinous crime they have done to you. There is no bigger catastrophe than receiving one of your favorite books from your most prized collection damaged.

8. You Will Never Like the Movie That is Adapted From a Book

image 8, bookworm

Whatever may happen or how well the movie is made and directed, you are never going to like the movie that has been adapted from a book. You could find out at innumerable faults or missing parts that were present in the book but is missing in the movie.

9. You Are Petrified When People Tell You That They Don’t Read

image 9, bookworm


You don’t judge people by where they live, which car they drive or by which brands they wear, you instead judge them by what they read. And if somebody tells you that they don’t read, it is one of the most blasphemous statement you could have ever heard. Even when you are out on a date and the other person says, “I don’t read”; that’s an instant turn off.

10. You Love Shopping…But For Books

image 10, bookworm

You go crazy if there was a SALE- but for books. You know every bookstore in town and when will their sales happen and how much discounts do they offer. You would any day prefer buying books which are relatively easier than standing for hours in a queue in front of the trial room.