Reading up on theorists like Foucault, Marx, Spivak, Engle’s and many more complicated names as well as theories which is an integral part of your curriculum along with the already complex classics definitely aint’ a cakewalk. Reading these theories and decoding the most complex writers like Shakespeare, D. H Lawrence and even Rushdie; as a student, is going to have a drastic effect on yourself as an individual and your perspective. Being a student of English Majors, you are going throwing up ‘flashy’ English words and to be critical of any discourse that you come across.

Here are twelve irritating traits you are definitely going to possess being an English graduate:

1. Flashing Your Extensive Vocabulary

image 1When you see people giving you bewildered looks, that’s when you realize that you need to stop subconsciously throwing fancy English words from your extensive vocabulary. A 22 year old English graduate from the University of Sheffield says, “I constantly had to take efforts to not use literary jargon while making a conversation.”

2. The ‘Grammar Nazi’

image 2, grammar naziNothing could be more annoying to you than people speaking in incorrect grammar. Being a graduate with English Major, you are definitely going to play the role of a ‘Grammar Nazi’ who cringes and rolls their eyes with total disbelief when you hear people confidently defying the grammatical rules as prescribed in the Wren and Martin.

3. Still the Book Lover


Though it’s the electronic age and you could access millions of e-books on your laptops, mobile phones and Kindle with just a click of a button, it still doesn’t excite you as much as the smell of the pages of an old book or the enticing smell of the crisp pages of the freshly printed books.

4. You Can Actually Quote Lines From Your Favourite Book


You are completely addicted to books or reading if you exhibit the symptom of ‘quoting your favourite lines’ from any novel or play. Be it any argument or any group discussion, you have the power of making your audience awestruck by quoting your favorite lines from your favorite book or poem.

5. Library- Your Favorite Hang Out


Other than your own home, there will be no other place that is as comforting and reassuring as a Library for all English graduates. With the extensive reading list prescribed in the curriculum, your library card is your truest companion and the library is your space to seek

6. You love SHOPPING… but For Books

image 6, book shopping

You could go crazy if there was a SALE- but for books. You know every bookstore in town and when will their sales happen and how much discounts do they offer. You would any day prefer buying books which are relatively easier than standing for hours in a queue in front of the trial room.

7. Books Are Preferable To Movies


Whatever may happen or how well the movie is made and directed, you are never going to like the movie that has been adapted from a book. You could find out at innumerable faults or missing parts that were present in the book but is missing in the movie.

8. Party v/s Reading… Reading Always Wins

image 8, party vs reading

You have your weekends planned way before anybody does. Going partying or clubbing on a weekend is too mainstream; hence, you choose to spend the evening curled up in your bed with your favorite book and a hot cup of coffee beside you. “Who prefers going out on a party, when you have a detailed list of reading that you should be doing,” says a 21 year old student pursuing her Masters in English Literature.

9. Always With A Copy of the Oxford Dictionary

image 9, oxford dictionary

With the other entire pack of essential you carry around in your handbag or shoulder bag, you will always find a handy copy of the new revised version of the Oxford English Dictionary. Though you could forget your essentials like your wallet or your car keys, you will still not dare forget your Bible- a copy of the dictionary. To make life easier and to never be caught under prepared along with a physical copy of the OED, you have the app downloaded too on your smartphone.

10. Describing Something in 100 Words? Worst Nightmare

image 10, 100 words

After spending hours writing all your research papers, thesis and dissertation papers with their detailed citations, the biggest nightmare for literature/English graduate is to concise his/her thoughts into 100-150 words.

11. Your Gods Are Authors


You are going to fall in love with the writing style, themes and the metaphors certain writers use in their work whereas you may totally detest some. Being an English major and an ardent book lover, you are going to idolize these authors and make a note of every tiny detail about the author, his background and about his/her works.

12. Mentally Married to Fictional Characters


You definitely will shed tears if there is a sad ending or you are going to jump around ecstatically when there is a happily-ever-after. You tend to get so involved in the book that you have analyzed or read that you are even going to be either crushing on the super masculine protagonist like Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice or you will be mentally having a love affair with him.