Andaz Apna Apna turns 21 today! It means it can now drink beer and wine in bars, officially. We all want to sit around with Andaz Apna Apna and start talking nonsense. Because, you know. The dialogues in the movie are a part of out life now and we use them all the time.

The dialogues were the essence of the life and in the 21 years since, they have become, on occasion, the essence of our lives in certain circumstances.

1. “Mein toh kehta hoon aap purush hi nahi hai! Aap mahapurush hain, mahapurush!”

image 1, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: Possibly the most famous dialogue of the film, we use this with that annoying uncle who keeps bragging about his business and monetary satisfaction whilst downgrading everybody else around him.

2. “Hona kya ha? Unka eke k sawal, humare do do jawab. Sawal ek, jawab do. Sawal ek, jawab do. Sawal jawab, sawal jawab..”

image 2, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: 

• After being caught cheating during an exam, your friends ask – “What happened in the Principal’s office?!”
• Coming back home after an interview, your mother/wife asks – “So what happened in the interview?”
• A visit to the police station and coming back home to – “So what really happened?!”

3. “Uncle aap peeche baithiye..” “Par main chalaunga kaise?” “Chup kar, godi waale!”

image 3, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: When we don’t want to give someone a lift.

P.S Do not forget to take a friend along, or he just won’t zoom away alone or fall off!

4. “Jab tum prem se milogi, toh Prem ke prem mein prem deewani ho jaogi, meri premika!”

image 4, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: When you have to assure your insecure girlfriend of your love for her. Sadly, only a Prem can actually make a real effort in putting this dialogue into practice.”

5. “Galti se mistake hogaya!”

image 5, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: All the time! Make a serious situation a little humorous, unless the person you are dealing with is really pissed off and decides to kick you out.

6. “Tu jab jab khush hua hai, tab tab main barbaad hua hoon.”

image 6, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: We don’t use this. Our parents do! This is probably how every parent felt when their child demanded something out of reach – an expensive Mac because HP is too inexpensive (they are of the same use), a life-size Barbie castle, because the smaller one is Barbie’s, my jeans are old and filthy, buy me that 4k Levi, et cetera.

Have you not noticed your parents stopping in their tracks and asking ‘What happened?!” when you tell them you are happy? Aha.

7. “Sab cheez time to time honi chahiye!”

image 7, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: Bosses of the world have utilized and put into understanding in the minds of their employees the intensity of doing the work within the deadline, directly contributing to world stress.

8. “Gham ka saathi rum.”

image 8, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: When you want to get over a breakup!

9. “Teja main hoon! Mark idhar hain!”

image 9, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: A dialogue applicable exclusively to twin siblings, make this your trade ‘mark’ if people fail to differentiate between the two of you – the result will be HILARIOUS, promise.

10. “Haila!”

image 10, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: Mumbaikars have practically trademarked the use of ‘Aila’ or ‘Haila’. One may use it all times.

11. “Bhabhi hogi teri! Shaadi hogi meri.”

image 11, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: That awkward moment when you and your best friend like the same girl, this dialogue has been doing the rounds since a long, long time.

12. “Baal kate bhi hai aur pata bhi nahi chal raha hain.”

image 12, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: That moment when you get your hair cut and enter your college and nobody realizes unless you tell them ‘in passing’ that you did cut it and they look at your face with surprise – add the Aamir Khan charm to your personality and nail those ignorants!

13. “Hum toh bacche hai, akal ke kacche hai par mann ke sacche hain.”

image 13, andaz apna apna

When do we use this: When your parents ask if you have been following the bad habits as the friend you hang out with every single day