Are you planning to go around the world with a boat? Well… 13 year old Laura Dekker is!


She’s going to start her journey on the first of September 2009. It’s estimated that it’s going to take her 2 years to go around the world. There are a lot of people against it, she’s only 13 years old, they say. What if she becomes ill, what with all the pirates? There are even people that are forcing her to quit her plans.

Laura doesn’t get why so many people are saying that she has to abort her mission, but it doesn’t get her. She is planning to go and she will go, she says. These people do not know what they are talking about.

According to her parents she will get a better education in the two years on the boat than she would get in school. Her homework she will recieve by e-mail so, she can still cope up with the class. This is the route she normally will folow: First she will go from The Netherlands to the Canary Islands. From the Canary Islands she will cross the Atlantic Ocean to Panama. Through the Panama Canal she will be sailing on the Pacific Ocean. She hopes to be in Australia in November 2010. Then she will sail through the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal to reach the Mediterranean Sea. She want go through Somalia if there are to many pirates. Two years after her departure she hopes to be back in The Netherlands.

If she does this, she will be the youngest to sail around the world. The first she will not be, because that was the Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan.

Let’s hope for her everything goes by plan. For more information you can go to her website: , but keep in mind, it’s in dutch…

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