I feel like I’ve tried just about every moisturizer on the market these days, and nothing seems to get the job done completely.  I figured that maybe I’m just an anomaly and my skin problems are so severe that there really is nothing out there that will solve my problems.  Before I threw in the towel forever and accepted my skin condition, I tried one more product on the advice of a friend.

I was turned on to the 24K Gold Moisturizer by a friend and I must admit that I’ve been really satisfied with the results.  It has worked wonders compared to all the other regular moisturizers that I had given a try.  The secret of the 24K Gold Moisturizer from Venetian Beauty lies in the ingredients.  This product takes all of the strong ingredients that are found in various other skin moisturizers and combines them into one powerful product.

The primary ingredient in this product is where it gets its namesake – real 24K gold.  You heard me correctly.  There is real 24K gold in this product.  It is broken down into tiny particles and blend into the product, and when applied to the skin the tiny flecks are dissolved and absorbed straight into the skin.  Gold, believe it or not, is an incredibly strong ingredient and is not just for flashy marketing purposes.  Gold has strong antioxidant properties that keep your pores clean from dirt and oils that collect on the skin over the course of the day.  It also helps your skin retain its healthy nutrients and moisture in the skin, locking it in as if it were an invisible wall around your skin.  In addition, when gold is absorbed to the deepest layers of the skin, it helps promote circulation and the proper flow of moisture and nourishment through the skin.  It truly moisturizes your skin inside and out.

In addition to gold, the 24K Gold Moisturizer is enriched with aloe.  If you haven’t heard of the powers of aloe when it comes to keeping your skin healthy, you must have been living under a rock.  Aloe has been used for thousands of years to keep the skin moist and soft, and to help heal damaged skin.  Also, the 24K Gold Moisturizer also includes citrus fruit extracts, which are rich in vitamins and restore the health to your skin.

I’m glad I’ve been turned on to the 24K Gold Moisturizer from Venetian Beauty, as it has really gotten the job done.  When it comes to healing the skin, it’s no surprise that the answer lies in finding a product that has the top ingredients.  I just wish I’d found this product sooner!

Source by Amanda Weber