Vinyl mini blinds are really taking off in popularity. They are quickly surpassing wood blinds and aluminum blinds. Once you learn about the benefits of vinyl, you will see why they are becoming so popular. We will look at the four most popular benefits obtained from selecting vinyl blinds over other window treatments.

Super Simple to Match
Besides the fact that you can find vinyl blinds in a wide variety of colors, you can combine them with traditional window treatments to make your room unique. For example, if you like the look of an intricately designed valance, the blinds can be combined with a valance to set off your window. Additionally, you can add shears to make the window pop.

Want to change the look?  No problem. All you do is switch the valance and shears and you have a whole new look. It is so easy to change that you may find yourself changing the look of your home to match the seasons! Your imagination is the only limit.

Simple to Clean
The best thing about vinyl blinds is how easy they are to clean. Most of the time, all you will need to do is simply dust them off. If they do get a stubborn spot, then vinyl is durable enough to give a good scrub down.

Hot soapy water will take care of most stains. However, if you need even more help, then have no fear. Use spray cleaners to get rid of stubborn stains.  Not even spray cleaners will ruin the finish. Vinyl blinds can hold up to even abrasive cleaners.

Say Goodbye to Mildew
If you live in a humid or damp climate, then there is no doubt you experienced the icky feeling left behind on real wood blinds. This slimy coat is mold and mildew. (You also find this is bathrooms.)

However, vinyl is resistant to mold and mildew. Vinyl will hold up for many years even in the harsh environment of bathrooms.

Amazing Light Control
Everyone knows the benefits of blinds. When they are lowered and closed, they do wonders blocking out light. To let light in the room, turn the slats and let in as much light as you want. Want more light? Then raise the blinds and you get a totally unblocked window that allows the light to just pour in.

It is no wonder that vinyl mini blinds are taking room decorating my storm. Easy to match, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and amazing light control; vinyl mini blinds are the best. Say good-bye to dusty old curtains and say hello to beautiful blinds. Once you switch to blinds, you will not go back.

Source by Genius Monkey