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Needless to say, some of you already have an infinite list of chores in your minds that call for a big Thank You to your mother, for being the all-rounder that she is. Mothers are a blessing, especially if you are a lazy child who has been mollycoddled since day one and the heavy reliance has won you the award of the biggest procrastinator. While there is most of the giving from her side, the taking part is virtually very less. While growing up expects you to be responsible and reduce a certain amount of burden off her shoulders, pay attention as I list out certain chores that need to get out of her doing. Or a much better option, have someone else to do it for you.

    Pulling off all nighters just to watch that addictive TV series resulting to no or little sleep followed by a frantic wakeup call every day might be your excuse for leaving your bed messy, but this definitely needs to be taken into thought. She is your mother, not your maid. And it’s high time that you stop treating her like one.
    Getting yelled at her because of wearing that old tee repeatedly for days, our moms become our personal stylists and shop for us because we’d rather prefer lazing around in those pajamas than go buy new clothes.
    If you ask me an easy way out, we at Russsh in Mumbai provide effortless home delivery of clothes from your preferred store to you, after you provide us the exact details of what you want to buy. Life looks easy, doesn’t it?
    Witnessing youngsters changing clothes more than twice a day and then dumping them into dirty laundry is a usual scenario. We are not even slightly aware of the increased workload, because of ‘Hey, it’ll be all fresh and scented naturally’ attitude. Also, there are various online applications providing you with laundry services at reasonable prices, just in case you want to take the credit for washing your own clothes.
    Also, if you want a pickup and home delivery option for the clothes that you once gave to the dry cleaner and totally forgot about it, Russia is your right hand for running these errands.
    Youngsters in the present day have the most bizarre eating schedules and someone who suffers from this the most is the moms. So, the next time when you wake up to those stainless dishes all set to use, take out a moment to be grateful to her.
  5. We all know THE CHAIR!
    100% agreeable, we have that chair where we stack up all our dirty clothes and the pile just keeps on getting bigger every day, when to your surprise comes a day when it’s empty and it’s a tidy day with everything folded up in the cupboard. Rushing to her when you can’t locate something is like a ritual for all of us.That’s not enough, I can list out countless chores that she needs to stop performing to put you out of that comforting pampering zone. It may seem bothersome to do chores in between your so-called-busy schedules but technology has now reached its peak where it’s all a click away.

Source by Priya Lalwani