7 Creative Break Up Lines


Breaking up and getting out of a Mumbai local at the station you want, both are not easy at all. A lot of people spend a lot of time thinking up ways of how to break up. We are not going to give you the same old spiel like ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ or ‘You deserve someone better’. No, these ones are creative and some are insulting. But all of them work:

1. “Kissing You Felt Like Kissing My Brother/Sister.”

Well, you might not feel that way. But we dare you to find someone who will come back for a second snog after you use this line on them. In fact, we double dare you!!

2) “My Ex Had Bigger……”


You don’t even need to complete this sentence. The person you want to break up with will be outta your life before you know it!

3) “I Am Way Too Screwed Up For You.”


Basically means either you or me, one of us is a psycho and I am using this as an excuse to run far away.

breakup 1jpg

4) “I Have The Hots For Your Sister/Brother/Mom/Dad.”

This means burning all bridges with anyone you know from their side. Getting into families is not cool. Use this with caution.

5. “I am a Manchester United Fan and I Am Not Able to Make Time to Watch Matches.”

Telling a girl you want to want to watch 22 men running behind one ball over spending time with her means you will get kicked out of her life like the football you want to watch. Caution: Wear padding for your behind when you use this line.

breakup 2jpg

6) Best Break Up Text Ever.

Boy: ummmh, listen.
Girl: It is okay, I understood.
Boy: Ok. Thx.

This happened with my friend. Possibly the coolest break up ever but in this scenario the guy and the girl both knew they wanted to end it.

7) “Your Bad Breath Makes It Impossible For Me To Be With You.”

Oh no, you didn’t! Getting into personal hygiene is not cool bro!