The summer of 2015 has proven to be a killer, literally, as thousands have died in India because of the heat wave. Weather experts say that this cycle will continue year after year.

Here are a few things we can do so we don’t amount to one more casualty. All of them are simple home-truths actually, the kind of stuff our grandmas tell us but we don’t pay any attention to. Maybe it’s time to start listening to them:

1. Drink Water
Two of the most adverse affects of a hot summer are dehydration and diarrhea. A lot of fluid is emitted from our body in forms of sweat and as a result we get dehydrated. So it is advisable to drink plenty of water or other fluids with glucose.

2. Wear Light Clothes
Heat is not only limited to the body but also related to the clothes we wear. It is always advisable to wear cotton clothes in summer as is avoids absorption and we feel a sense of lightness.

3. Always Carry a Medical Kit if You are Prone to Certain Conditions
We don’t mean you have to lug around a hospital kit. This is you kit for the summer. Asthamatic? Carry an inhaler. Prone to colds? Carry a couple of pills. Feel dizzy and light-headed? Fruits and sugar should be a must.

4. Wear a Hat
This is probably the best advice to follow during summers. Wear a hat. Or carry an umbrella. Let’s face it. We laught at old aunties walking around with umbrellas in the summer. How uncool, we think! But if there’s a walking competition in the summer between that old aunty with an umbrella and you, she will kick your ass.

5. Reduce Coffee and Cola Intake
Avoid too much consumption of caffeine beverages and too much of cola/alcohol. When consumed on a large scale body fluids gets displaced leading to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

6. Let your Body Cope up with Heat
Normally people have the tendency to get to an air conditioned place as soon as possible as they get exhausted by the heat. But a sudden change in temperature can be harmful and ultimately one falls sick. So this practice needs to change.

7. Stay Indoors When You Can
You are not a superhero who needs to go out to save your city. Stay at home and stop roaming outside when not required.