7 Indian Youtube Channels That Will Make You Laugh Till You Drop


YouTube is a platform where anyone can showcase their talent to the world. Music, talent, comedy, education, you have every possible genre on Youtube. Having said that, there are hundreds of channels that are churning out comedy on YouTube. With the basic motive of reaching to the younger generation which loves humour, many Indian entrepreneurs have come up with some amazing YouTube channels and have managed tens of thousands of subscribers.

Here are 7 Indian YouTube channels that have gained momentum in the recent past with their ability to make you laugh till you drop.

1. The Viral Fever

Founded in 2010 by Arunabh Kumar, The Viral Fever, popularly TVF entertains with the short comical videos that expose the funny side of everyday life which most of us fail to notice. With more than 1,020,114 subscribers, recently they have diversified into drama, and with the success of their web series ‘Permanent Roommates’, this year they have come up with their second original series known as ‘TVF Pitchers’ touching all new heights.

2. All India Bakchod

Launched in 2012 by Mumbai based Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhatt, AIB is one of the fastest growing channels in India. From the spoof of Alia Bhatt’s knowledge to sarcastic take on Times of India and breasts, AIB has recently come up with hilarious videos.

3. Being Indian

Owned by Sameer Pitalwalla, Being Indian gets the latest news, scoop, controversy, desi and quirky content on the web for you. According to Sameer, the idea behind BI is to build a youth entertaining brand that explored the various nuances and identities that form India. BI has uploaded hundreds of videos along with its most loved and never ceasing ‘The Every _ in the world’ and ‘Know Your _ ‘series.

4. Pretentious Movie Review

Spot Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath giving film critics a hilarious spin with their Pretentious Movie Reviews.  Whether it’s everybody’s favourite ‘DDLJ’ or some cheesy 1990’s Bollywood drama ‘Pyaar ka Devta’, these two Bengaluru based guys have got all the tricks to tackle shit out of Bollywood dramas that will make you laugh.

5. East India Comedy

Headed and founded by one of India’s finest comedians Sorabh Pant in 2012, East India Comedy is a group of seven Indian stand-up comedians that performs comedy shows on topics like Bollywood, politics and religion. Their topical news comedy ‘The Bottom Line’ that covers everything from Big Boss to Rahul Gandhi is always worth a watch.

6. Enna Da Rascalas

Enna Da Rascalas which describes itself as a neighbourhood comedy group from the South, is one of the most popular comedy channesl from South India. Enna Da Rascalas has performed live across the globe and recently moved to on digital medium with their first video, ‘South of India’, becoming one of the most viral videos of South by breaking all the stereotypes and educating Indians about the south.

7. Trouble Seeker Team

Equipped with street pranks, social experiments, sketches and all the crazy stuff, Trouble Seeker Team, unlike the other channels are into street pranks with hidden cameras. They put average people in awkward moments, just to capture how they react to those awkward and funny situations. Their facial expressions and body language as a result are hilarious.