Divorce for men is an uphill struggle.Be aware that there is a penalty for being a man in divorce court but, this can be overcome if you understand the process and have just a bit of insider information.Here are 7 pieces of divorce advice for men only that will help you get the outcome that you want.

  1. A big part of getting what you want in your divorce is “knowing your outcome.”  Consider how you want the settlement to be
  2. Keep your head no matter what.  If she screams or her lawyer tries to put the screws to you go back to step one and keep that out come in mind.  Let others be emotional but stay calm
  3. Don’t worry about the small things.  I once heard the story of a couple who had spent thousands of dollars in attorney time on who would get the family dog.  The only ones who win on those kinds of issues are the lawyers.
  4. Know that you care more about your divorce than any lawyer who may represent you.  You need to understand the process, know what is possible, and manage your attorney.
  5. Consider meditation, if this is possible it can save you a bundle.  But to know if you can go this path you must understand the process.
  6. Twice as many women as men file for divorce.  Consider that you can turn this to your advantage in the proceedings.
  7. Keep positive, more than one man has lost his divorce right here.  But keeping involved in life and knowing your outcome as described in tip 1 is the key here.  Visualize your successful outcome and make this vision vivid. This will help keep you positive which will empower you to get your successful outcome.

Source by Renee Pullman