The trailer of Young Sheldon is out. As a huge The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) fan, I could not believe myself when I saw it because I wasn’t aware of any spin-offs happening. Although the fan following of TBBT has decreased in the last few years, people who’ve watched the show even once knows the kind of deal Sheldon is.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.53.04 PM
Sheldon’s mother in a still from the trailer
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Sheldon’s father in a still from the trailer

The star cast of Young Sheldon has one major screw-up as the actor, Lance Barber, who plays Sheldon’s father in Young Sheldon, also made a cameo in The Big Bang Theory as Leonard Hofstadter’s bully. But, the actress, Zoe Perry, who plays Sheldon’s mother in this new sitcom is also the daughter of the actress that plays Sheldon’s mother on TBBT. Young Sheldon played by Iain Armitage is looking adorable as young Shelly and was recently seen in HBO’s mini-series Big Little Lies.

Sheldon has spoken about his not so easy childhood on TBBT. He may have learnt the art of sarcasm after he met Leonard and the rest of the gang, but he was quite cocky while growing up. While we will watch Sheldon getting bullied in school and at home by his siblings George Jr. and Missy, his alcoholic father George Sr., here are few more incidents we would love to see on the show.

1. “My mother had me tested”

“I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested,” said Sheldon when someone asked if he was insane, Sheldon is a man of science and proof means everything to him. It will be nice to watch Mary Cooper (his mother) take Sheldon to a hospital to get his brain tested only to know that her Shelly is just gifted, not insane.

2. The First Time He Fell Sick

Even though Sheldon is a man of Science, he believes that the only way to fell better when you are sick is to listen to his favourite lullaby, ‘Soft Kitty’. To watch young Sheldon hear the lullaby for the first time would mean everything to us fans. And that probably is the only time he didn’t have to correct the person singing it to him.

3. Meemaw

Sheldon loves his maternal grandmother, Meemaw. She is his favourite family member. She appeared on TBBT only last year after several mentions throughout the series. Meemaw calls Sheldon, Moonpie, with love, and he does not like it when anyone else calls him by that name. Meemaw is Sheldon’s weakness.

4. Sheldon Getting Chased Up a Tree By a Chicken

Big Sheldon once tells Howard and Raj that “being a chicken” does not really mean being scared as chickens themselves are scary. He then proceeds to tell them the story of a chicken running behind him when he young. If we don’t see that happening in Young Sheldon, I don’t think there is any point in making this spin-off.

5. More of Missy Cooper

Missy, Sheldon’s fraternal twin, has appeared on TBBT only once or twice. She is the complete opposite of Sheldon and we are not just talking about looks. She isn’t socially awkward and knows how to have a normal conversation. When they were growing up, Missy would always win fights against Sheldon as she would kick his crotch.

6. Sheldon’s Science Experiments

Sheldon always had a love of science so he started experimenting when he was very young. Like the one time when Sheldon talks about his experiment involving the height of the stairs. Where he increased the height of each step, it led to George Jr. tripping and injuring himself. At the age of thirteen, he even attempted to build a nuclear reactor to provide free electricity to his town but failed after a government official informed him that it was illegal to store Yellowcake Uranium in a shed.

7. Sheldon and Sports

His relationship with sports is as bad as it is with sarcasm. We know that Sheldon’s father forced him to watch football before letting him do his homework. But like almost every child is made to take up a sport, Sheldon must have been too, right? It’ll be nice to watch Mary take him to baseball games and Sheldon running away from them.

8. Sheldon Learning to Shoot a Racoon

Sheldon’s father was a disturbed man and it appears he did not grow up in a very loving household. But teaching a little boy how to use a gun was extreme even for him. George taught him how to shoot a racoon. That would be an emotional episode to watch.

9. Sheldon and Romance

Sheldon may not be a hopeless romantic but he sure is hopeless when it comes to romance. Sheldon had difficulty opening up to the people around him and it took him ages to know that he actually likes Amy (his current girlfriend).  I’m sure it must have happened in school too. A girl must have crushed on him, given him a few hints, and Sheldon must have acted completely oblivious.

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This series should deal with bullying as Sheldon was bullied all his life. Sheldon once compared his childhood to hell because of the abuse he suffered at the hand of his father and siblings. All of that shaped him to be the man he is now. He may be annoying and ignorant but his innocence remains intact.