Every year Mumbai witnesses the annual gathering visited by thousands of marathoners across the country. This year the Mumbai Marathon had a record breaking 42,000 runners run across six different categories, showing their skills and testing their abilities to the core. While few of them broke down due to fatigue and humid conditions, many finished off their marathon in style with a big smile on their face.

We at Bayside Journal bring you a few glimpses into the Mumbai Marathon 2017.



Scene before the real test begins : A huge crowd of runners gathered at 7:00 a.m. at CST Station



Decked up for D-Day:  The face becomes the canvas as artists express their talent at CST.



Age No Bar: From teenagers to senior citizens, the spirit of running thrills one and all.



Girls Band: Young girls add to the rhythm of the race.



For the differently abled: Being a part of the Marathon is special for the participants and motivators alike.



Rarest of rare inclusions: NGOs and runners join hands for a cause.



You have our support: People on the ground support Kirti as she defeats her personal challenges



Huff & Puff: A rare picture of runners not willing to give up yet.



Race to Finish First: High level of enthusiasm and thrill greets runners as they compete for the Finish line.



Till the very end: A runner faints just after reaching the finish line.



Basking in the glory: A proud feeling engulfs the medallists at the final stage of victory.



Rejuvenating souls: Volunteers aid runners get some water-break after a day of exhaustion



Time to rest: Runners relax at the ground after a tiring Marathon run.



Relieving the pain: Volini staff help ease out the pain for aching runners at the Volini Recovery Zone.

So will you run the next Mumbai marathon?