Whilst many tourists head to Florida to visit the theme park heavy weights Disney Land and Universal Orlando Resort, there are a number of other great parks including Busch gardens.

This Tampa theme park opened in 1959, has an African theme and is home to many wonderful animals. But unlike the UK where an animal park or zoo would mainly revolve around seeing the animals, Busch Gardens does what the Americans do so well and makes the experience exciting by including plenty of rides and roller coasters; to make learning about nature and the animals the most fun it has ever been.

Rhino Rally allows you to hop aboard a jeep which takes you through an authentic African veldt, where you will get up close and personal with some live wildlife. Another ride that is great for spotting animals is the Serengeti Railway that takes you through the majority of the park, stopping off at key points. On this ride, you can expect to see Zebras, Antelopes, and Giraffes.

If you have ever wanted to fly like a bird, you have two great options at Busch Gardens, the Jungle flyers are ideal for little ones as they can soar above the park at around 50 feet and see some stunning sights. Taller and older visitors can head to the Skyride cable car to fly across the park and see the majority of the park from this amazing vantage point.

Thrill seekers will not be disappointed with the number of roller coaster rides on offer, Cheetah hunt takes you on a hunt for prey at around 60mph, Shiekra will see you take on 90-degree drop at around 70mph and Kumba will allow you to experience around 3 seconds of weightlessness as you spiral along the track.

The park is set to stage a brand new ice show at their Moroccan Palace Theatre at the beginning of February called Iceslporation. The 30-minute shows sound like it will be a fantastic mix of everything that makes the park so great, costumes, music, puppets and live animals.

No one wants to visit just one park when they head to Orlando, so purchasing multi tickets are great ways to get entry to the many parks in the area for one great discounted price. Look online for specialist companies who will make sure you get the best prices for these combo tickets and you aren’t left out of pocket like some are who buy their tickets on arrival at the attractions.

Source by Thom Sanders