The study of the muscle anatomy is quite important especially for bodybuilders who want to monitor their progress as they carry on with their training. Without the details of the specific muscles you want to work on, you might easily get discouraged because of not getting the results you want. The training exercise you might be doing may not actually target the appropriate muscle groups and hence lead to negative results. For any body builder to be successful it is important that he gets to know where the various muscles in his body are located. This is one of the prerequisites of developing good muscle composition.

We will start the muscle anatomy from the neck and move downwards. The neck has two sets of muscles which you can greatly improve. These muscles are upper trapezius and the levator scapulae respectively. The upper trapezius muscles are located between the shoulder and the neck nape. The levator scapulae, on the other hand, pass through the first six cervical vertebrae that are located in the neck.

When you come to the shoulder area you encounter the deltoid muscles. The anterior deltoid muscles are found in the fore part of the shoulder; the middle deltoid muscles pass through from the top to the lower shoulder side; the posterior deltoid muscles pass through the top to the bottom of the shoulder back. Consorted with these are the rotator cuff muscles. They are located a few distances below the anterior deltoids and extend outwards from the armpit.

When we reach the chest muscles, the largest muscles located there are called the pectoral muscles. For any body builder to be successful he or she should especially concentrate on the upper body. Therefore a person needs to work extra hard on the trapezius, deltoids and the pectoral muscles respectively.

When we come to the arm muscles we find the triceps muscles and the bicep muscles. These are the two muscles which you can greatly improve. The biceps are located inside the arm while the triceps are located on the side of the arm from the elbow to the shoulder. For any body builder, the biceps are the most cherished muscles as they represent success in body building.

Moving further down to the stomach we find the abdominal muscles or simply put the abs. When a bodybuilder works on these muscles he develops what is known as the ‘six pack”. Exercising of these muscles usually occurs during activities such leg raise and hip flexing physical exercises. If you do not work on these muscles you develop what is called a pot belly. This is caused by the accumulation of fat which pushes the adjacent abdominal muscles outwards.

Finally, we come down to the muscles located in the legs. In the front part of the leg, we find what we refer to as the quadriceps muscles. Another set of muscles called the hamstrings are located in the back part of the upper leg. Further down the legs we also find the calf muscles.

Source by Dane Fletcher