You might be under the misconception that building a do it yourself platform bed is very difficult and not up your alley if you are inexperienced when it comes to working with wood. But I am here to tell you that you are sadly mistaken! Building a platform bed is not at all difficult.

You have to take into consideration some factors before you take the first step in decorating and designing the layout of your bedroom. You will have to decide on the size of your bed so that it fits in your room properly and where it should go. You should think about what functions you want your bed to take on. Is it just for a comfortable sleep or do you want it to be somewhere as a place for storage also. You might be finding it difficult on deciding which bed would be ideal as per your requirements. If you have ideas for customizing the use of your platform bed, you would be better off just making one yourself.


Do it yourself beds are easy to make. All you need is a set of professional high-quality bed woodworking plans to guide you. Building this type of bed does not require a special talent or skill. If you can cut wood or hammer nails, and use a drill, this knowledge is quite enough to start the project.

Platform beds are seen in a variety of types and designs. If you want a simple bed design you can do away with the headboard as well as footboard. You could just opt for a flat surface that is raised with the help of four legs in order to support the mattress. Or the frame just sits on the floor. That should be more than sufficient.

Once you have decided on the measurements as well as the size of the bed you want to build, you will have to decide on the materials. Your local hardware store will have many different types of woods. And refer to the bed plans to see what types of wood are best. Remember, you or someone you know will be sleeping on this bed and you want high-quality strong wood that will last.

But always remember, before you select your platform bed plans. Make a final decision on the functionality and what type of bed you want first. You should not waste time buying building plans for a bed you won’t build. Personally, the bed that has storage drawers at the bottom on each side are a big favorite. That way, you can store clothes, shoes or whatever you like and open up some space in your closet and chest of drawers.

I built a fabulous platform bed for my son using a great set of high quality premium Platform Bed Plans. Feel free to check out my useful tips and advice for choosing woodworking Platform Bed Plans and build a high quality bed better than anything you could buy at a store.

Source by Carl Daughtridge