Signature Homestyles is a company which sells a variety of home goods, from holiday decorations and storage solutions to everyday tableware and accent pieces. The company focuses on home goods and entertaining and encourages a lifestyle of stylish products and accessories to enhance d├ęcor and the general appearance of a home.

The company offers opportunities for individuals to become home business owners. As a Signature Homestyles representative, you are an independent contractor in charge of your own business affairs. Representatives earn money using a few different methods. You can sell their products via the web or in person to friends, family, and others and earn between 25 and 35%. In addition, there are monetary bonuses, gift or product bonuses, and larger incentives like vacations and jewelry.

You can also host a party and sell the products to the guests of the host or hostess. You would book a party by talking to the people you know. As an incentive, the host of the party will receive valuable discounts and earn merchandise credit. As the Signature Homestyles Representative, you will also earn merchandise credits when you book a party. As well, the guests of the party have a chance to earn free products with their purchases. The company calls these parties “shows”.

In addition, all active representatives receive a 40% discount on all personal sample order. You can use the samples as demonstration products at hosted parties or in conjunction with catalogs or use them in your own home. Representatives who remain active with Signature Homestyles for three years will receive an increased discount of 50%.

To get started as a Signature Homestyles representative, you can sign up at the website or call them directly. There are two starter kits: The basic kit is $99 and the deluxe kit is $175. With the basic kit, worth over $300, you’ll receive several items including candles, napkins, clips, baskets, and caddies. The deluxe kit contains several more items and carries a retail value of over $500.

The company has a program that they call “Easy Start”, where all you have to do to become a representative is make a deposit of $25 towards the deluxe kit. The remaining balance of $150 is deducted from your commission check. Commission checks are issued weekly via direct deposit or paper check.

Your obligation as a Signature Homestyles representative is to have at least four qualified shows per year, which is one show every quarter. Not every show is qualified; a qualified show is one where there is a minimum of $200 in guest orders.

Before you consider joining a service like this, make sure you join someone who is going to look out for you and make sure you are successful with this program. Don’t choose the company star, as they might not be as efficient as the humble person who has grounded marketing and networking skills willing to go the extra mile to assure you achieve success.

To sign up as a Signature Homestyles representative, visit their website. A service representative will be able to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Source by Brian Garvin