How you describe motorcycle rider? Large weathered man with tattoos and leathers, flying down the highway on a big motorcycle with his long hair streaming behind him, that usually the most common image of a motorcyclist. Women have been riding, enjoying, and accomplishing daring feats on motorcycles just as long as men. So, now you understand that motorcycles associated not only for men.

Motorcycles were created as a means of faster transportation than a bicycle around the late 1800 early 1900s. In the early days, the motorcycles were basically just bicycle with motors attached. They were considered that motorcycles are better option for transportation since the motorcycles much cheaper than cars. You can see that female riders riding on the motorized bike in earlier days.

No one can stop adventurous women from proving they could accomplish great feats with courage and determination even when the women not consider equals to men and were not allowed to vote in 1916. Martin Van Buren the descents of former president of New York City has two daughters, Augusta and Adeline Van Buren. When the USA was preparing to enter the battlefield of World War I, they want to prove that women could be trusted as reliable dispatch riders in the war.  The two sisters planned to become the first people to make the transcontinental journey on two solo motorcycles.

The two sisters wearing men’s riding clothes including leather jackets and leather leggings, they arrested a few times because of that. Augusta and Adeline Van Buren become the first women to reach the summit of Pike’s Peak on motorcycles during their journey. Not only to paved the way for all female motorcyclist the Van Buren sisters doing this for all strong, independent women.

Theresa Wallach, the motorcyclist and racers from England who rode as a dispatch rider during the war during World War II. Several women helped pave the way for female motorcyclist including avid rider Margaret Wilson and stunt rider Debbie Evans after World War II. More women are enjoying the sport today. There’s no women could be arrested for wearing men’s riding leather. Nowadays, for women who love to ride, there are riding clothes such as women’s leather jacket, leather pants, riding boots. Women have made their mark in the world of motorcycling.

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