Before relating my story of the shadow people, I want to discuss how such spectacular events are reported by observers and when they may be accepted as credible by other people.

If two or more people witness to an extraordinary event, does their combined testimony provide enough evidence to establish the matter as an undeniable fact.  How many people must observe the same incident and report it in similar terms, in order for the testimony to be accepted as true by those having sway over public opinion.  I believe that new information is only accepted as fact if those influencing the masses agree to it.  The controlling forces in American society include the leaders of modern science and the dominant religious institutions.  It’s extremely difficult to overcome the skepticism of these two established authorities.  Maybe attempting to convince the skeptics of the truth is the wrong approach altogether.

In my own experience, I have seen how several people can observe the same event, and yet give varying accounts of what took place.  For instance, witnesses to a crime often differ in their statements concerning the description and behavior of the perpetrator.  This is because people interpret an event based on their own personal experiences.  However, people’s stories can be consistent with each other.  There may enough comparable information for one to conclude that the incident did occur as the witnesses maintain.

What happens when to two or more people have a shared supernatural experience?  In such cases, none of the witnesses to the event may have a reference for what they have experienced.  This can be a difficult issue to contend with.  How can a person describe something that has never been seen by humans?   This situation is more common than people realize.

What about the miracles of Jesus Christ?  The Bible is full of instances where more than a few people claimed to have seen him perform feats of a supernatural nature.  Perhaps the most famous biblical miracle was the disciple’s account of Jesus walking on water.  The disciple’s statement is clear: Jesus floated on top of a large body of water without visible support.  Throughout the centuries, intellectual minds from every specialized scientific, theological, and philosophical discipline have argued the likelihood of this event.  Assuming the academicians could arrive at an affirmative answer to this mystery, the second passionate debate for scholars would be how Jesus could have achieved this impossible feat in the presence of onlookers.  In order that everyone should have a fair shot at formulating a reasonable answer to this conundrum, it might be appropriate to temporarily suspend the catchall Biblical answer “Jesus is the Son of God.”  The people of the world want to know exactly HOW this is possible.  What is the exact nature of the force that held him up?

Then there was Christ’s legendary water into wine miracle.  This feat has become a cliché for a person who has been asked to do the impossible.  Jesus is also praised by Christians for his extraordinary acts of healing.  Did Jesus Christ really perform the miracles stated in the Bible?  Millions of Christ’s followers are convinced of it.  The question becomes which Bible are we to recognize as accurate depiction of the event.  There is some debate about this among the various Christian denominations in America.  Time has a way of eroding and muddying the truth.

Sometimes you know for certain when “something” has occurred, even though it may seem impossible.  One night my wife and I were in bed.  It was after midnight.  The room was almost totally dark. The computer monitor in the second bedroom was on (across the living room).  So there was a faint glow in the doorway.  My Wife got up and walked towards the door.  Suddenly, she said “Dave. Are you in front of me?”  I looked, but I couldn’t see her.  Then I said “No.  But I see what you mean.”  In the doorway, I saw a large dark silhouette of a person.  Not like any kind of person I’ve ever seen before.  I can only say that it had a human-like appearance.  I only saw it for a couple of seconds.  I was staring directly at it.  This “thing” had a perfectly round basketball shaped head.  It had arms, legs, and a big body.  There did not appear to be any features to this dark form.  It seemed to be the size of The Hulk, except that its shape was rather boxy.  My wife remarked that it was tall.

Neither of us thought this “entity” was threatening.  This happened almost a year ago.  I told someone at my former church about it.  He mentioned the “shadow people.”  I looked it up online, and what I read of other people’s experiences matched our own.  Apparently we are not the first to see one of these strange beings.

It’s very strange to think about.  If I were the only one who had seen it, I might have to question myself.  The fact of the matter is that two people saw it with their eyes wide open.  It’s not like we were meditating or half asleep (not to say that meditating is the wrong way to have a vision).  Neither one of us has ever ingested hallucinogenic substances or been diagnosed with any medical condition that would cause visual hallucinations.  I believe that these two conditions create a sensory experience of a different nature.

I know there are skeptics who will shoot our experience down, but I’m pretty comfortable in saying this event was real.  I mean “real” according to the definition that people are accustomed to.  My wife was literally within arm’s length of touching this creature.  This instance may be as close as anyone has ever gotten to one of these things.  Keep in mind, my wife tends to be much more reserved in her beliefs than me.  She’s well rooted in the Earth, while at the time remaining aware and open-minded.

When does an experience such this one become plausible?  How many people must see the shadow people for themselves before we can consider their existence a possibility?  If two individuals observed one of these entities at the same time, and in the same way, does that make it real?  It’s true for us.  I’m sure the shadow people believe they are real.  If other people witnessed what we saw, they would probably agree with us.  I feel that the shadow people will garner little attention from the public.  The people of the world have not even come to an agreement on bigger issues such as the possibility of life after death.  Researchers from every field of human endeavor have compiled a mountain of evidence to support this contention, and yet the skeptics in their ultimate wisdom vote in favor of the status quo.  It’s easier to refute the merits of a budding theory than to give it even a pea sized consideration of one’s time.  To some extent that’s a good thing.  On the other hand, we have to know when it’s sensible and reasonable to recognize a particular matter as being true.  What do I think about the idea of life after death?  That’s a tough one.  Let me sleep on it and get back to you.

An event like this one changes a person’s perception of reality to some degree.  When I walk into the bedroom late at night, my wife will sometimes says “Dave.  Is that you?”  I usually respond “Of course it’s me.”  Then she will say “Well. You never know.”  We have had some other experiences which have conditioned her to react this way.

This episode was exciting to me in many ways.  It’s not so much about the questions this incident raises such as “What are the shadow people?” And “Where do they come from?”  It’s just that this experience has proved to me that I am right in at least some of my beliefs concerning the nature of the universe.  It reassures me that there are many levels of reality outside of the material world.  We all want to be “right” in our beliefs.

Source by David Almeida