Ask any person who is successful and as they tell their story you’ll inevitably hear about the mistakes made along the way. You’ll learn about the failures and heartache, about the things that did not work and about the things that did. The things that got them where they are today. You’ll also hear a wise take on dealing with adversity – turning the proverbial lemons into lemonade.

That may sound scary, but truly, your mistakes shape who you are – they inform your experience and they determine your success. If you think something is big – too big to tackle, then sure it is. If you look at it another way and decide that you can learn from the experience and do things differently next time, knowing deep down that there sure is a next time, you will grow, prosper and succeed.

As human beings, we do not like change. Why? It’s unknown, it’s not predictable, it’s risky and potentially painful. Yet, when we become willing to step into the change, we may find that in fact things turn out better than we hoped for, that the change or unknown is positive, inspiring and meaningful.

Have you ever been around – or perhaps been yourself – someone who is confident and grounded, as opposed to confident and cocky and not noticed how they are not afraid to be open? When you’re grounded and vulnerable you are open to other people, how they feel, what they need and you’re willing to offer yourself with an open heart. We know that just because you are willing to give, does not mean others are able to receive, but by flexing your vulnerability muscle and sharing your appreciation of others – their efforts, what they are experiencing, recognizing them and acknowledging them exactly where they Are, you’ll gain inner strength.

Successful people are risk takers by nature. Sometimes we step into business or a professional practice without thinking much about the ‘business side’ and suddenly, there you are – in business, taking a risk. It’s like being a kid and walking out on the high dive and there’s too big a line behind you to turn around. Beside, it would be mortifying – it feels like all eyes are on you. So what do you do? Right. You jump!

Business is much the same. You have to make a decision and then take the steps. You can move toward what you want, even if you’re afraid, even if you’re not sure. And, like the jump, you find out it was not so scary, you lived through it and you may even be excited to do it again and do it more often. Stretching and growing changes us. We remain stretched, we become new people. How do you do it?

You do it step by step. You create a change plan, so you have a roadmap and can feel more secure in your step taking. Take the negative connotation away from mistakes, call them learning experiences, call them life experience, call them wisdom builders. They are inevitable on the human journey, so if we learn to embrace our mistakes and listen to the lessons they teach us, we will grow stronger, build bigger, be more confident and help others walk the path.

Embrace the inevitable makes it less scary and change is no exception. Be bold and great and mighty forces will come to your aid – many of them in the form of successes, clients, fans and people who are waiting for exactly what you offer.

Right now. Here’s to embracing mistakes.

Source by Reeny Carvotta Barron