There are a lot of factors to take into account when discussing drug abuse and addiction. Factors such as the economy, mental state, upbringing, and so much more have an effect on those who suffer from an addiction. Although it’s important to look into correlations between environment and drug abuse, the most important aspect of treating an addict is drug rehabilitation. The first step in the rehabilitation process is a detox program. There are many programs offered from California detox centers to Florida drug detox centers. It’s all about finding the best place to recover from an addiction.


Addiction is classified as a neurological disease that exhibits as the continued use of mood-altering substances that although creating adverse effects is repetitively used. Primarily addictions come in the form of alcohol abuse or drug abuse. However other addictions occur such as exercise and gambling. An addiction occurs when there is an impaired control over substances or behavior. Psychological dependence happens and eventually after a certain amount of time a physiological dependence will occur which makes coming off a drug or substance more difficult and dangerous.


Addiction treatment and rehabilitation is the only way to really recover from an addiction. It is a disease that takes over an individual’s thoughts, actions, and life. The first step in rehabilitation is detox, which means the addict must stop using their preferred substance. This can be dangerous depending on the physical dependence that has been gained. Often it is best if this is done in a medically supervised detox center to provide necessary medical treatment as well as supervision and monitoring. Once an addicts system is clear of the substance the rehabilitation can occur.


Rehabilitation teaches a former addict how to live their life again, except without drugs or alcohol. Often, addicts run from emotions by imbibing substances that make them feel happy or make them sleep. This stage of the recovery process forces the addict to deal with their issues and helps them manage coping mechanisms that are much healthier. It is at this stage that often time’s addicts are diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.

Relapse Prevention

Once treatment is successfully completed the next step is relapse prevention. This step allows a former addict to return to their former environment and live their life without drugs or alcohol. They have been given the tools to effectively resist temptation and handle stress and emotions better. Usually, a team is set up consisting of a therapist, counselor, and even a medical professional depending on the individual. Often individuals will choose to live in sober communities, sharing the experience together. It is a vulnerable time, but also a time in which a former addict can truly shine in the face of new recovery.

Drug addiction is a terrible affliction that affects not only the addict but those that love them. Treatment is the best way to help someone with a substance abuse problem get their life back on track. Rehabilitation is throughout the United States from California detox centers to Florida drug detox programs; there is a facility that can help anyone anywhere. It’s just a matter of taking the first step looking for help and accepting it.

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