Mexican law enforcement has been really tough on drug cartels, ever since when $300 million dollar aid provided by the United States in 2008 set a new upfront in dealing with the organized crime. However, a higher death toll profile of law officials has been seen in the wake of this war on drugs, which indicates just how powerful the drug mafia is. With an increase in the death toll of Mexican police officials it demands more legal transparency and justice, something Mexico has always lacked. Injecting huge aid in the wake of such war has only made the war worse than ever before.


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United States government might have thought that the war is akin to the war on terror in Afghanistan and therefore it sought the same old technique to combat, injecting a few sacks of cash in the battleground, shipping a few land cruisers or double cabins as a token money to the warlords, and keeping them united to carry on with their flair for growing and cultivating opium. The government mistakenly underscored the crime scene here. Every technique does not work likewise and providing sacks of cash and weapons is not the only solution to every war.

What remained common in both the wars was the illegal drug trade. Valdez mentions in Houston Chronicle, “The reason that the Mexican government has not been able to make any substantial progress is that the money generated from this illegal drug trade is estimated to be between $8.3 billion and $24.9 billion, used by criminal bosses to elect and influence officials at all levels of government” (1). The situation somewhat different in Afghanistan where the funds generated by illegal drug trade allure poor peasants to be in this lucrative business for the sake of bread and butter. Afghani warlords engaged in the drug trade owns a lions share for permitting a poor peasant to be in this business through farming and cultivating opium.

Already deteriorated social and political order of Mexico poses threat of sweeping Mexicans out across the borders, something out of fear of which United States is bound to think over the Mexican turmoil.  The solution lies in the political stability of Mexican government along with a law and order enforcement, something Uncle Sam finds difficult to implement. After all causing destruction is easier than restoring peace!


Source by Farzeela, Fee Faisal