Alcoholic fatty liver disease reversal

Do loss of appetite, constipation, high cholesterol and high blood pressure bother you? It is likely that you are suffering from fatty liver disease. Don’t bother, this disease can be reversed by using natural food, nutrient and herbal medicines in a few days.

General feeling of ill-health, weight gain, bloating, fatigue, dull abdominal pain, flatulence, blood sugar imbalance, cramping, jaundice, nausea, fever and vomiting may also point to the onset of fatty liver disease.

Alcoholic fatty liver disease is induced by consumption of alcohol. So, one should stop taking alcohol. Obesity, starvation, diabetes, corticosteroids and poisons can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Blood tests are helpful in ascertaining the exact cause of this disease.

Eat your way to health by avoiding alcohol, drugs, and oily and spicy and fatty foods. Take salads, boiled or baked vegetables, meat to strengthen your liver. Foods high in fiber and low in calories and saturated fats are recommended for strengthening the immune system. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin-c and useful in burning fats and restricting the development of fatty liver.

Do your workouts regularly and drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. Home remedies are very effective in reversing alcoholic fatty liver disease. They detoxify, heal, increase the production of bile, break down fats, strengthen the walls of the liver and protect them and have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and cleansing ability.

Dandelion, milk thistle, licorice and artichoke are helpful in reversing alcoholic fatty liver and rosemary and phyllanthus are useful in restoring the normal function of the liver.

Source by Wartson