I am about to let you in on a little-known secret of human persuasion that can induce a woman to totally trust you, and even sleep with you… even if you’ve only just met. You see, for a woman to sleep with a guy, she must not only be attracted to him, but she must also trust him. Let me break it down like this:

Scenario one. Trust Without Attraction = “He is an awesome guy and I love him to bits!” (Translation: “We’re friends and it will never be more than that!”)

Scenario two. Attraction Minus Trust = “I am not an easy lay. (He is going to have to wait before anything happens between us!”)

However, if the woman has both attraction and trust for the man, she will be literally begging you to take her back and have sex with her.

Let’s use standard situation. Say it’s coming up on 11 pm, and you’ve been with a woman from 18:00 late that afternoon. As long as you have built up a good rapport with her and you’ve kept pushing the interaction forward, you can assume she’s interested in you.

And by the way, with a female, you should always believe there is an attraction until makes it clear there is not. Because the bottom line is that as long as you’ve got good body language and are displaying alpha>, such as you’ve got plenty going on in your life, and you are witty and stimulating, there is little reason why she wouldn’t be attracted to you.

Now you should build trust. Being able to develop trust is one of the key alpha male traits. By the time you finish the rest of this article, you will understand an easy, effective way to make that happen.


And just to let you know, this is one of the best-kept secrets of human persuasion. The most prosperous advertisers and sales people who make billions use it, and once you have finished reading this it will be possible for you to use it with women.

Have you ever noticed how ads may sometimes bring up minor imperfections in the products? A well-known example of this method was the really effective Volkswagen Beetle advertisements from 30 years ago that featured a huge headline: “Lemon.”

The point of the advertisement was that not every one of their vehicles was perfect. VW took its quality inspections so seriously that they took note of even small weaknesses in the construction of its vehicles.

This is a great little technique that you can apply to flirting for guys when you are attempting to pick up a woman. You see, if a person tells you something that goes against their self-interest, you are likely to trust them more. We all do. It’s a basic characteristic of human psychology.

This means when talking to women, you should point out your minor flaws. Examples of this may be:

– “I have a weird mole on my neck. Sometimes I feel embarrassed about it.”

– “I had to give a speech a while back and felt so anxious!”

– ” I’ve not been to the gym as much as I should recently and I’ve gained a few extra as a result.”

They don’t even have to be real flaws, it doesn’t really matter. By bringing attention to them, you construct a perception of honesty within the woman.

Now, due to the fact she believes the minor imperfections about you, she’ll also believe the MAJOR PERFECTIONS about you too.

This means that having both attraction for AND trust in you, later that night she may be breathlessly panting, “I’ve never done it with a guy so soon before!”

Source by Todd Matthews