There are gaming PCs and there are powerful gaming PCs so if you want your main focus to be on the game you need a computer that will not let you down.  This is one of the fastest machines I have tested and I have tested quite a few because to me, it’s not important who starts the game, it is who wins it that makes the difference.

The AMD 9950 Quad Core Phenom 9950+ processor will rule out any sluggish performance and the multi-cores work synchronously for a massive surge of extra power.  A true gaming PC needs to give 100% throughout the first few levels of a game and another 100% thereafter.  This computer allows me to do this time and time again and never lags behind.

This beast has been built from the ground upwards with solid foundations so there is no chance of it ever crashing and burning under the pressure because the manufacturers have made sure that it has the power to perform whatever your requirements.  When you install your preferred operating system, be prepared to multitask like never before even with multiple applications running.  Create, upload and share all of your digital media at blistering speed and connect gadgets in seconds. No compromising on memory either with 4GB space which is more than enough to record all of your gaming victories!  It also comes complete with a supersonic 20x DVDRW lightscribe so you can burn all of your CDs at lightning speed and also the images onto the cd front.  The guys at Eflex Computers sparked this baby up, sat back in their seats and started annihalating the competition in seconds, this is the first time ever that the offices have stayed open all night!!!

If you are a serious gamer and you are looking for some for heart-pounding adrenalin pumping action, this is the PC for you.  Equipped with an ATI Radeon HD 2400PRO, this Ferrari of PCs will immerse you into scaleable gaming action like never before and the sound is equally as clear as the images to stimulate all of your senses.  After all, you will never lose a game if your opponent doesn’t have time to score.

This is not a typical black box desktop; this PC is a striking combination of style and portability and will play virtually anything that you throw at it.

  1. Built to last, this PC is likely to be a winner for many years to come!

A gamer can only be as good as the PC that he is using and with this beast the game is never over… it is only just beginning!

Source by Eflex Computers