Appendicitis’ Deadly Threat

Appendicitis is a very common and dangerous condition if not treated immediately


The digestive system is something that you deal with every day.  From every bite of food that enters your mouth to every time that you visit the bathroom or toilet, the digestive system is at the center of your attention.  Many times you feel your digestive system in between meals and rest room breaks in the form of heartburn or a stomach upset.  There are several very common intestinal system snafus that many people suffer from, ranging from mild to severe.

“Don’t Gamble with Appendicitis” – NARA
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Appendicitis is a very common and dangerous condition if not treated immediately.  The wormlike sac which is attached to the secum in the beginning of the large intestine is a structure which is thought to be a vestigial organ.  This means that whatever it’s function, many doctors and researchers believe that it is no longer necessary.  Others take a wait and see approach, warning us that there are still things that we do not know about human anatomy.  Either way, it has been proven that humans can indeed live without an appendix, and when it is inflamed and in danger of bursting, it simply has to come out.  Sometimes food particles get into this sac and cause an infection in the event it doesn’t come out again.  Acute appendicitis manifests with pain in the upper right abdomen and settles into the lower right abdomen.  As the tissue inflames and swells up, the pain can be considerable.  The patient becomes nauseous as the body tries to kill off the bacterial infection.  A fever usually results from this inflammation.  The inflamed appendix can contract in an effort to expel the infected matter.  If this doesn’t work, the bacteria multiply along with the infection.  If the pressure builds too high, the appendix will burst, spilling the bacteria and matter into the abdomen.  If this happens, emergency surgery and plenty of antibiotics are needed or the patient will die. This is why an inflamed appendix is removed before it has the chance to rupture because the surgery and chances of dying are great should it be allowed to rupture.

The pain of appendicitis has been described to this author as the worst pain that a sufferer has ever experienced in one’s life.  Perhaps a woman who has given birth, or someone who has suffered nerve related spinal pain or kidney stones would beg to differ, but suffice to say that for many people appendicitis is a very painful condition, perhaps the most painful many will ever experience.

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Remember that appendicitis manifests on the right side of the abdomen, and if the pain is great and the area is tender, seek medical attention immediately. It may save your life.

Source by T. J. Paul