Having trouble in your relationship and advice that your friends and family are giving you isn’t quite fitting the bill? You’re not alone. There are just some situations that conventional advice doesn’t fit and you can be left without an answer in the world. Life is complicated like that, and keeping a steady relationship up with someone can be one of the most difficult things you can go through in your whole life.

No matter how much relationship experience you have, there are just some things you can’t be prepared for.Even in the most difficult situations, there is some universal knowledge and common sense that can get you through. It’s just a matter of remembering it and using it when you need to. First and foremost, remembering that a relationship stays strong through both of your efforts is a must. Take a step back and see if you are the one not putting forth that extra effort to meet each others’ needs. This can be really difficult because it takes a lot of effort to be able to admit that you’re the one in the wrong. If you are, you need to try to accommodate the other person’s feelings. If you are not the one who is not putting and effort forth and you are getting your feelings hurt one way or another, you need to let them know.

Understanding and a rather large amount of consideration are both needed to keep a relationship going and if your partner is not doing that and refuses to do it, then maybe it’s not worth the effort anyway. No amount of love is worth day after day of pain.There are a lot of situations in a relationship and advice like that doesn’t fit the bill, though most problems are caused by a lack of meeting each others’ needs. If the above advice does not fit what you need in any way like your partner is cheating or you two just don’t seem to get along very well: It probably is a better idea to break up than to stay together. Often arguments between lovers are caused by misunderstandings and a lack of good communication, but if you just flat out fight on a regular basis for the sake of fighting, then you need to sit down and have a talk and try to understand why this is going on. Perhaps one or both of you are really not happy the way you are now. If nothing seems to help with your relationship and advice, no matter how good, is not helping. Take a couple of days to yourself and think it all over. Sometimes you can’t figure out what to do until you’ve had some time to yourself.

Source by Bill Gatton