Now, my dear reader, I do not want to go deep into the inside of the various canvas technologies, printers, the ways, and methods or the like that allow producing a qualitative canvas art product. Currently, I would like to discuss the artistic or visual aspect of canvas stretching as well as sharing my opinion on the three fundamental opportunities of canvases` wrapping.

To tell you the truth, among many various methods I want now to single out the three typical and different techniques. These techniques include printing on canvas, canvas transfer and original oil on canvas. The first one is a simple wrapping method. The canvas is wrapped on the frame. 100 % of the image is placed on the front side. On the lateral side, you can see just staples of the canvas edges. The second method is so called a museum type. It is the method where the white canvas wraps around the edges to the back. This type thus allows hiding staples on the back of the canvas. The sides are at the owner’s disposal as he can use them as his or her own purposes. You are free to leave the sides white or paint them black or to do them the same color as the artwork image.

The important factor on which you should draw your attention is the image position. The total image or the most important elements of the image have to be stretched on the center of the canvas otherwise nobody understands the main target and art value of the canvas. Gallery stretching is the third method of canvas prints. The image itself is stretched all around the sides and onto the back edge. The staples are hidden on the back.

For sure, the second and the third technique you can hand with or without a frame. On the other hand, the image that sits on sides of the canvas might be lost. So, it is up to the customer’s taste whether to make a canvas in a bleed or non-bleed style. Be careful when you decide to create a piece of art like canvas. Especially, if you are going to gift it with some warm and kind words in say the right corner…Be sure, that the person who gets your present can read the whole nice message from you as well as admire the alluring canvas art.

But, for example, if some landscapes or seascapes are on the canvases then the gallery type is the ideal method for canvas wrapping. As the sides are the continuation of the image and it will have a great effect as the logical extension. It provides a successful and aesthetically enjoyable feeling as well as great impression when you see the sky goes unlimited space up, green grass or blue sea have a deep prolongation… And the last thing is that you can add not only a beautiful but a useful feature to your canvas. If you place a lamp or a small light inside your canvas, then you can have fun and enjoy your reading before going to sleep. So, all is in your hands. Think where you can place your canvas and we assure that it will be a superb addition to the interior of your flat or house.

Source by TravisOl