I was asked to write about this subject for quite a long time.  I have always been advising my visitors about their karma and how they should plan their lives. Some of them try to accept the realities, but I am aware many people do not understand as to what this Karma means?. KARMA is the accrual of bad and good actions done in various births. KARMA AND SOUL ( Jeeva Athma) always travel together from the body to body.

The problem for the people is due to the modern scientists and so called progressively thinking people. These people preach that there is only one birth (and that) one must enjoy this only once life, come what may. This kind of attitude is making life horrible actually, (due to bad karma), they are carrying on with Bad karmas for generations to come. It is not only that these days people are doing like that when we browse through history, many people including kings, rich people have been living as though life is only once.

Earlier days it was some people (say 30%) living as the like to, but these days the number is about 75%. Hence, it is going to be very tough in future. One can find lots of people will come out with peculiar problems and complications in life. Already I have thousands of people for whom nothing or minimum remedial prayers work.

For such of those visitors who could not get any solutions, we are doing research to unfold the (real bad )activities they all did in their past birth. We study the same and try to find out from past history the way remedial have to be done for them.  Vedas are the best source in this connection.  Great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Manu Shastra will guide perfectly.

For those who are not getting any relief, they are seeking the reasons for problems faced by them. Especially, in a particular family, where there are two boys, of which one of them is handicapped, whereas the other boy is very well off and leading posh life. Here, the parents ask as to why only one of their boy is affected like that? and reasons for the same?.

Similarly, many people have the curiosity to somehow overcome the complications and lead a good life like any other people. This has necessitated in this article.

Every person who would like to lead a normal life or life without much of complications must get their horoscope properly analyzed. The astrologer must at least cast the charts with full dasa/bhukthi calculations for 100 years, which is a normal life. In addition, clearly, it should be pointed out the good and bad planets. All the bad doshas, worst periods should be well known to the person concerned and remedial prayers to be done should be mentioned.These details will help the person to take up the remedial then and there. Such is the way to overcome problems in life.

I will explain some of the real-time experience for the benefit of readers:

In a particular horoscope,  there was severe kala sarpa dosha. Let me explain about kala sarpa dosha:

1. When all the planets including Lagna are held between nodal planets Rahu and Kethu, then this dosha occurs. To amplify, Rahu and Kethu are always opposite to each other in the chart. When Rahu is in a house, Kethu has got to be in 7th house from Rahu. Similarly in the case of kethu, where Rahu has got to be in 7th house from Kethu. When all planets including Ascendant are within these 7 houses, then this dosha occurs.

In the case of such doshas, their life will be different from others who do not have such dosha. Normally they will be leading a deserted life, comparatively. In some cases, severe physical complications will also be there. Recently I came across two different type of cases, where, in one case a happily married couple, both are professionals earning huge salary met with an accident and lost their legs. This has changed their life altogether and loss of job too. In another case, the person who was working with a top company suddenly was affected by a paralytic stroke and is bed ridden, he cants even speak now. There are many such kinds of cases,  and suddenly the life changes drastically and the families could not come out such shocks.

It is due to these reasons, it is better to list out good and bad periods as suggested. Other than this kala sarpa dosha, there are thousands of dosha, which will give a different type of results. All the good and bad karmas occur due to our actions in the previous births only. These actions are very clearly indicated by planets in the horoscope. It is the duty of astrologers to inform the people accordingly. One of the astrologer during the course of discussions informed that people do not like to hear negative things about their horoscopes. But astrologers must be true to the planets and THE ALMIGHTY. if not the same planets will affect them/their family very badly.

Over and above, the problem that astrologers will face is amongst the karma observed in the chart. Of the various  Karmas, which are all they will be unfolding in this birth is very difficult to assess. Let me explain this detail:

1. Each and every planet has Karaka aspect attached to it.  I will only mention one of the Karaka for various planets and explain.

a.  SUN denotes FATHER

b.  MOON denotes Mother:

c. Mars denotes brothers

d. Mercury denotes maternal uncles

e. Jupiter denotes Putra (children)

f.  Venus denotes opposite sex

g. Saturn denotes labor

h. Rahu denotes Paternal grandfather

i. Kethu denotes Maternal grandmother

If any of the planets is assessed to be bad, then that Karaka will suffer. An astrologer can check whether such things have happened.

Everyone is aware that when a planet in a horoscope is afflicted/combust/badly aspected and/or placed in a malefic house then, the planet will give negative results for the person.

Now when two or three or more planets are afflicted /bad in a chart, then there are multiple bad results will naturally be the result. It is only a general prediction that they will be bad when they come during the life time. Sometimes, such dasa may not come during lifetime and even if it comes, the other person may not be alive to discharge the karma. Therefore, even if the chart indicates good and bad karmas, it is not for sure that the person will get the benefits and/or suffer. It may be fully effective or partially or may never happen at all.

One of my old visitors called on me and said that some of the events marked by me during his life time have not happened. This person is known to me for the past 40 years and used to keep in touch with me and seek information about future. I marked some periods forty years back and he was telling me that it has happened, but not in the way it was mentioned. When I asked him specifically for each and every period, he was reading from his diary all the important things happened. Finally, it was found out that those periods which were bad, he had his family stood by him. Hence he did not feel the pinch of the same.

This is another problem with the people. If the bad period is forecast does not mean that you will become orphan. Hospitalisation, illness, theft, cheating, demotion in the job, own kith and kin ditching in life, getting cheated for no fault, are just some example of bad things happening in life normally. The same type of Karma, if shown in close relatives chart, then they will also be joining the person. This does not mean that person never faced bad periods. This is how it should be understood. Now, this kind of favorable bad karma happens to those who have been always spiritual and lead an honest life. GOD worshipping shall ensure that during the bad periods, a number of prayers/worship put in will come as a helping hand. But the karma has got to be discharged and there is no question about it.

When I was talking generally with an 80 plus-year-old man, he was categorically told me this point from his experience :

1. Life is totally a predetermined and planned path by GOD:

2. No one can change others life nor anyone can help for the growth of others:

3. It is always the divine intervention which helps a man in times of need:

I just corrected him saying replace its one’s KARMA in place of GOD. There can be no arguments on worshipping GOD  always who will extend helping hand when in troubled waters.

Source by Ramani Seshadri