In the normal day to day life, people do not consider the concept of Karma and always under the impression that, everything has been done by them with their own knowledge only. Also the working system and the way people carry out the work, it will look like as though it is being done by people only.

Here is the truth which should be understood clearly as follows:

1. Anything and everything done by anyone and/or groups of people are the destined Karma only and not anyone’s intelligence or greatness in them.

2. The Almighty is great that things are hidden from the knowledge of the people so that it looks like as though it is done by them.

3. So long as things go successfully, the person claims all the benefits and if the same goes wrong, then they will put the blame on others.

One has to carefully watch here, when the blame is successfully put on others, the person committing mistakes (SINS) escapes. This is the Hidden Karma one has to understand well in order to get rid of people who have Karma otherwise.

People having beneficial SUN in the horoscope will have the karma to escape from any kind of mistakes committed by them. If the SUN is beneficial and powerful, then it is better to keep them away from routines. I will explain the same with examples:

1. A top level executive working with Government in a very high position was corrupt and never involved himself directly. The planet SUN in his case was beneficial and powerful.

2. There was a secretary working under him, having relatively weak SUN was actually indulging in carrying out his instructions. This person was openly indulging in carrying on with huge cash/jewels etc., as a bribe for his superior.  One day he was caught by the anti corruption wing of the government.

Now there is no direct evidence to pin the actual criminal and hence this poor fellow is imprisoned. The official just left him and disowned his activities.

I have come across such cases and people whenever things do not work in their favor in life, approach astrologers to get solutions.

This kind of activities can be seen in government and with politicians. Both these two categories of people will have very powerful/beneficial SUN in their charts. Unless otherwise, one has similar favorable SUN, if he/she fights with government or their officials, finally they will be let down very badly and regret life.

Just because a powerful SUN gets them powerful positions, does not mean they can do anything and everything. Time will change and when they get bad data period, the same minister or secretary will throw them away.

But ordinary people have to be careful while taking up the issue with Government. Unless otherwise one’s chart and data period are favorable, he/she should avoid dealing with the government.  Otherwise, they may land in serious problems.

I would like to recall my initial statement at the beginning of this article. Namely, Things will go on as though it is being done by ourselves smoothly. This will not be for ever but will take a turn if one gets bad data periods. Hence whenever one is approaching some issues, it is better they get their charts duly analyzed by an expert astrologer. Only if good data period is running then one can take up issues. Otherwise the same will turn against and put the person in deep trouble.

In order to understand this aspect better that karma is hidden for everyone, one has to study astronomy and Vedas. Let us take the Planet SUN and list out full scientific details about the same:


1. It is the largest planet and all the planets are held intact with its gravitational pull.

2. Due to SUN and its light/heat we and all other lives survive on the earth:

3. Indirectly SUn helps to get Oxygen/water/air etc., which is the main thing for our existence.

Except for the light/heat, all the other things what planet SUN does for us are hidden. We can only understand/realize. We cannot prove the point by showing air/oxygen etc., It is in the same way Karma is hidden. This hidden aspect has to understand very well and never get a feeling that we do things with our ability or intelligence etc.

This is explained well in GITA and GOD says always one has to do his duty( work), but should not aspire for the result of such work. God says the result of such work will be as per the karma destined to him. It is this hidden karma which can be ascertained using astrology.

I always used to repeat my visitors that keep on remembering Vedas and regularly pray THE ALMIGHTY alone will help for ever. Never keep faith in you and your work, but dedicate the work to GOD ultimately. Whenever any work is done by us, we always think it right and proper. This kind of feeling is called as MAYA. If you get carried away just because some work is successful, then when the bad period starts, everything will go against. Therefore, never feel any work done is your achievement ( when it is positive), nor feel bad (and put the blame on others) when it goes negative.

Also, some people used to blame GOD when things do not work to their favor. They will never talk to GOD when they are successful. I have seen such people ultimately land in serious complications.

Though these things look like a simple affair, it is the people who are all sufferers of bad Karma, an approach for solutions. When I analyze their charts I find that having done so much of bad Karma, expecting good things to happen will never happen.  Apparently, when their past bad deeds are known, it is difficult to divulge all information to individuals. Hence I have to educate everyone and understand the same.

Source by Ramani Seshadri