Today is a new day, a new assembly, and with new proposals for us to dissect and explore. As our session winds to a close, I have one pressing question to ask each of you. How is your conscience coping with all of the stresses of participating and voting in this assembly? If you have represented your fellow Athenians to the best of your abilities, then you have acted honorably. If you have acted honorably, then there is no doubt that you will be receiving much glory from the Gods. Throughout life, success will follow your every footstep, as it does in my own. However, if you have acted dishonorably, then your life will become a cursed one, one that will lead to your inevitable downfall into the underworld. Therefore, in order to attempt to redeem yourselves, you will have yet another today.

As the Oligarchic faction has continuously insisted, our discussion should be regarding the restoration of the Athenian empire to its prior days of glory in which, not only the elite prospered, but all its citizens. There are many relevant proposals that could be made to attempt to make our dreams into a reality. Nevertheless, the consequences of each decision on all of our lives will serve to accelerate, or impede, our success as a city-state. The questions we must answer will affect each class of society, each citizen, each child, each man, each woman, and as such, we must take the utmost care to ensure the effects of any decision on the populace. All Athenians desire to rebuild Athens to the glory of the days of imperial conquest. However, this involves great care, thought, and experimentation. There are a great many questions and solutions we must test in order to determine which path is truly that for the good fortune of the state as a whole.

Foremost, the question of greatest significance is that of the rebuilding of the long walls between Athens and Piraeus. If we do take on this endeavor, our populace will suffer the burdens of its incision into our society by bearing a substantial increase in their taxes. As we have already established, not one of us can bear the influx of taxes that the Democrats seek to impose on our citizenry. While they concoct new, and more extravagant, ideas in order to better their fortunes, the whole of Athens must pay for the consequences of their actions. Let me also point out that the walls failed to protect us once, what is to say they will work this time? What guarantee is this on our safety? There is no a guarantee! The only certainty is that our neighbors may feel that the construction of these walls is a threat, or a foreshadowing of possible military ventures. We must not build these walls because of the financial burdens, the insult it would direct to our neighbors, and that its goal, of increasing our safety, is completely and absolutely unrealistic.

Source by Hovard.Rice