The recent expansion and proliferation of Internet technology has changed the way people communicate today. The biggest phenomenon in this regard is undoubtedly the Internet based email service which is used by countless people around the globe everyday to send mails to every imaginable corner of the civilized world. Internet relay chat and Instant Messengers are the other two major means of communication in this era of digital communication. And following closely behind is the relatively new innovation – VoIP or Internet telephony which is fast making the age-old telephone service redundant in many parts of the world.

Internet telephony has unleashed a whole new world of communication. Making international phone calls don’t cost the earth anymore. They have got unbelievably cheaper, virtually free! All you need is a stable Internet connectivity and a pair of headphones with a microphone. And you are all set to reach out to your friends located halfway around the world in a matter of seconds. An international trunk call can do the trick, no doubt, but the cost involved would also be substantial. Internet telephony in comparison is far cheaper. It also lets you share files stored on your pc, record conversations and do a host of other things while talking to your friends on the Internet.

When one talks about Internet telephony these days, the name that springs to mind first is that of Skype. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Skype has single-handedly popularized Internet telephony like few other services. From personal use to wide scale corporate usage (as in telecalling services and the BPO industry) – Skype is virtually everywhere. Everyone is talking on Skype and saving millions of dollars they would have otherwise spent on conventional long distance calls.

Of late, many new services have been made available to the Skype user community to facilitate Internet telephony even more and to add to the overall convenience and the experience. Of these, the desktop automatic dialer deserves special mention. Let’s take a closer look.

The automatic dialer (desktop based), as the name itself suggests, is an application that lets one automate the manual dialing procedure and manage calls in a more efficient manner. An automatic dialer such as Phipe® (created by PhiStream) not only automates the dialing procedure, but also offers a host of other facilities such as inserting comments on a call into the database of contacts (for corporate users), creating customized call dispositions, viewing information about the contact one is calling, automatically detecting the common file delimiters, create DNC (“Do Not Call”) lists, scheduling calls within a session and more.

These are what make Phipe a truly incomparable desktop application. Thanks to this brilliant automatic dialer, with just a few clicks, a caller can now select a set of phone numbers from either a CRM that exposes its API or upload the same via a CSV file and dial them automatically. Firms and organizations that need to make thousands of calls everyday using Skype, can benefit immensely from using Phipe.

Anybody serious about taking his telecalling business to the next level should consider installing an automatic dialer. It is amazing how much time and cost one would be able to save with one.

Source by Simon Churchgate