Baidyanath Dham – Holy Shrine of Lord Shiva



Much known to layman as the Baba Dham, the famous temple of Baidyanath Dham is one of the twelve jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. This holy shrine of Lord Shiva is one of the famous pilgrimages in India.  It is believed that Lord Vishwakarma laid the foundation of the holy temple in the ancient era. Some say that in 1596, Baiju, a seer, constructed the temple.

This holy temple is situated in the small town of Deoghar (meaning-The house of God) in Jharkhand, India. This place is one of the major tourist destinations in the Indian sub-continent.

A legend runs that in the Treta Yuga, the demon king Ravana with the blessings of Lord Brahma was carrying a Lingam of Lord Shiva to Lanka. It was told to Ravana that the lingham must not be placed on the ground on the way, but only on the spot where he intends to worship the Lord in Lanka. However, on the way Ravana was distracted by Varuna( the water god) and eventually placed the lingham at Deoghar. At last, the lingham stayed back in the place and Ravana was unsuccessful to fulfill his desire.

This holy shrine is considered as the kamna lingham, as people witnessed fulfilling of prayers offered at Baidyanath Dham. The lingham is also said to have cured many diseased people from pain.

The main temple of Lord Shiva is surrounded by many temples of Kali and other gods. The temple of Goddess Parvati is connected to the main temple. During the night of month of April and May (Baishak Month), different groups of pandas sing devotional songs all through the night. Devotees from various parts of the country come here and take great delight during this time.

Every year between the month of July and August (the Sravan Month), thousands and thousands of pilgrims throng at the door of the Baidyanath Dham to offer their prayers. The Shravan Mela of Deoghar is widely known all over the globe.During this month, people go to Sultanganj to fetch the sacred water of Ganges and carry them all the way to Deoghar. All over the small town of Deoghar, pilgrims are seen chanting the name of Lord Shiva “Bol-Bam Bol Bam”. They pour this holy water on the shrine and worship the lord.  On Mondays, there always a huge rush in the town as it is the most auspicious day to worship the Lord Shiva.


Source by Payel Ghosh Hazra