They are two of the most talked about makeup brands in recent history. MAC has become quite famous and has captured the hearts of make-up addicts in India for the past few years. Models, actresses and make-up lovers swore by M.A.C but users of Bobbi Brown products (which recently opened its first store in Mumbai in March’15 at Palladium mall )claim this newbie in town is better! Let’s have a closer look at both the brands and see who‘s the real boss.

1. Skin Care

skin care

MAC and Bobbi Brown both offer a wide range of skin care products which can be used before make-up as well as after it. Their skin care range has cleansers and toners, including eye cream, skin cream and ends with overnight lotions for normal to dry and oily. Bobbi Brown’s skin care products range between Rs. 3000-6000, whereas MAC provides their skin care range between 1500-4000. Bobbi’s skin care range has proven to be superior.

2. Concealers and Foundations


MAC foundations are famous but are known to be very thick to apply and difficult to remove. They have a wide range of foundations to match almost any skin colour but have been known to cause breakouts. Bobbi Brown’s foundation has been rated as one of the best but has a smaller range of shades. Make-up artists though, swear by Bobbi Brown foundation. MAC concealers last for a good 8 to 9 hours and gives you a thick coverage which is good for people who have dark under eyes and spots. A little bottle of MAC concealer lasts 3 months or so and costs around 1.5 to 2k.
Bobbi’s concealers are thick, creamy and work well for blemishes. An overwhelming majority of make-up users swear by it. A Bobbi Brown concealer will cost you around 2-3K.

3. Eye Shadows


MAC provides a broad range of eye shadows (around 138) which are really long lasting and comes in cream and powder form. They have regular and basic colours such as brown, pink, peach etc and they also have a collection of smoky and out-of-the box colours such as electric blue, turquoise green, bright yellow. Name a colour, they have it! You can buy a single eye shadow colour which will cost you around 1k to 1.5k or you can buy an eye shadow palette of 9 or 15 colors in 3 to 5k.

Bobbi Brown on the other hand gives you a nice variety of regular classic colours but it somewhat lacks when it comes to unusual ones. They provide you eye shadows in both powder and cream form but the only drawback of Bobbi Brown is, they don’t have a wide range of eye shadow palettes as of now BUT they promise to bring out a limited customized palette collection in next season. A single eye shadow colour will cost you around 1.5K to 2.5K.

4. Lip Colours, Glosses and Pencilslipshtick

MAC offers you an enormous range of lip colours iin rich and vibrant hues. Be it pink, brown, red, coral; MAC has about 10 to 15 shades in each family. It provides you lip colours in shimmer and matte as well. MAC lip gloss gives you a thick glossy coverage. But many users claim it doesn’t last as long and the glosses tend to be sticky.MAC lip pencils are great too. It comes in many shades and is really smooth to use. MAC lip colours, glosses and pencil will cost you around 1.5k each. MAC kohl and eye liner pencils too are somewhat around 1.5k and they are good as well.

The Bobbi Brown lip cosmetic range has relatively less number of choices in colour. Plus they are pricey. Their quality though, is very good and they are long lasting. Bobbi Brown’s lip colour, gloss and pencils start from 2.5k

5. Brushes
Both MAC and Bobbi Brown have a massive range of face, lip and eye brushes. The quality is almost the same when it comes to brushes. But what will definitely make you choose MAC is the price of the brushes. A single MAC brush costs 1.5k to 3k whereas Bobbi Brown’s brush is around 3K to 5K.

All in all, MAC is more affordable than Bobbi brown and offers you a wider variety especially in foundation, eyeshadows and lip colour. MAC has been accused of marketing the same colours under different names and unjustifiably inflating prices. Fans of Bobbi Brown wish the products were more affordable.

If you are looking for quality and a classic look then Bobbi Brown wins hands down.