Here’s presenting a modest list of cool things that were written over the last week. Some we wrote, some we wish we had written. All of them make for a weekend reading list to keep you updated with what’s happening and what is being thought around the world.

Stuff we wrote

Melvin Louis: Kala Chashma Jajta Hain, Dance Floor Pe

Meet Melvin Louis, a self-taught dancer and choreographer from Mumbai, who is now a sensation on social media. He’s India’s first dancer-choreographer who has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. He puts up posts asking people if they want a dance workshop in their city and flies down over the weekend because they get booked in a couple of hours. Read more here.

Mumbiking Around With Nikhil

Mumbiker Nikhil is Sharma’s YouTube handle and he vlogs about his life and travel stories to over 200,000 subscribers. It’s been a supersonic ride for Sharma. He started off with 100 subscribers two years back. December 2015 was when he hit 10,000 subscribers and he’s over 2 lakh today. Read more here.

Henrik Jeppesen: Indians Should Explore Their Own Country Before Travelling Abroad

Henrik Jeppesen is just 28 years old and has already travelled to all the countries in the world. From driving in a bulletproof car in one of the world’s most dangerous countries to hitch-hiking with a driver who downed a bottle of vodka, Jeppesen has great stories. Bayside Journal managed to get in touch with Jeppesen, who is currently in Brazil, for an interview. Read more here.

Hudli Project: When Business Analytics Meets Khadigrams

Hudli could have been just another anonymous village in India. Except it isn’t, and a major reason for that is The Hudli Project. The project aims to employ 100 women in a year and talks about creating sustainable employment in Hudli village which is home to about 7,000 people, and is supported by Khadigram – an initiative that Mahatma Gandhi started in 1937. Read more here.

Sometimes Bad Vacations Make For the Best Travel Stories

No vacation is all fun. Every vacation has at least one WTF moment. What really sticks with you is the memory of that one moment where you didn’t know if you are going to live because you offended a native crowd, or if you have to hang your head in shame because a hooker robbed you, or you thank your lucky stars that the cops in the country didn’t find you. Read more here.

Stuff we wish we’d written

It’s Dismaying How Blind Bollywood’s Star Kids Are About Their Privilege

Bollywood and nepotism are almost synonymous with each other. Almost all the young stars today have been born into film families, a privilege they acknowledge,  but do not fully comprehend. Young stars such as Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and even older stars such as Abhishek Bachchan get opportunity after opportunity but still believe the struggle is real. Yes it is, but have you imagined what it must be for an outsider? Read more here.

Meet the Hyderabad couple fighting for the right to reject religion

India is secular democracy and to truly be one, it must be accepting of all faiths or the lack of one.  Ramakrishna Rao and his wife raised their daughter without imposing any religious beliefs on her. They want the ‘Non-Religious’ option to be added on application forms. They have filed a PIL in this regard. Read more here.

If we bring our loneliness to the internet, what do we take away?

This era has been labelled as the ‘age of loneliness’. Loneliness has become an epidemic among both the young and old. Richa Kaul Padte writes about how she turned to the internet to escape from depths of loneliness. But she didn’t exactly find what she was looking for. Read more here.

The end of privacy: Aadhaar is being converted into the world’s biggest surveillance engine

Aadhaar is being asked by every authority, whether it’s to get your gas cylinder or even for midday meals. Now that the Aadhaar is expected to be mandatory, will it turn India into the world’s biggest surveillance engine, reminiscent of Nazi Germany? It may just. Read more here.