These pictures comparing ordinary people before drug abuse, and after their recovery, are more impactful than any educational session warning against drug abuse.

The pictures speak volumes about how drug abuse corrodes your body – apart from your mind, and have inspired many to take up rehabilitation.

1. Khalil Rafiti

Psalm 103 1 – 5 People always ask me what it means, well this is what it means!

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About 13 years ago, Khalil Rafati was a homeless person addicted to heroin. He weighed 106 pounds, and was covered in ulcers. Today, as the owner of SunLife Organics, a juice bar chain, he is a multimillionaire, and looks like it.

2. Imgur user

Remember me? Well…Today I celebrate 10 Years clean from crystal meth!!! 10 YEARS!!!! 8-8-2016

While on crystal meth, this is what this Imgur user looked like at 19. She weighed 100 pounds (about 45 kgs), and stole, lied and cheated from people close to her to acquire drugs.

It’s been about 10 years since she quit. This is what she looks like now. She is 32.

3. Shanna White

Shanna went viral on Facebook after she posted a before-and-after picture of her following her recovery from meth addiction. The difference is quite stark and astounding.

The ‘before’ picture was taken during her eight-year addiction. The ‘after’ showing her clean and sober is dated only six years later.

4. Reddit user

This Redditor is 24 years old, now. The ‘before’ image is a mugshot taken during her heroin addiction days, which ultimately stretched up to eight months.

5. Instagram user

An addict of heroin and meth, this woman has managed to keep sober for eight months. The transformation is stunning.

6. Dejah Hall

On the fourth anniversary of her recovery from heroin and meth, Dejah Hall posted a collage of herself. The collage included a picture of herself during addiction, and the other pictures are of those after her recovery. Dejah is now 26 years old and a mother. The picture of her mugshot is from four years ago, when she was just 22.