Medical Record Reviews – Outsource to Benefit

To fully enjoy the benefits of medical record reviews, outsource the process to a professional service provider.

This service benefits physicians, independent medical examiners, medical-legal consultants, or attorneys, or firms associated with a chart/case reviews, and insurance companies.

The Medical Record Review Process

The different processes involved in medical record review support include the following:

  • Identification of the elements of the medical record
  • Arrangement and indexing of medical records
  • Capture, accumulation, and classification of information on the basis of the kind of data
  • Quantification of outcome assessment study and range of motion
  • Review of data for accuracy, compliance, and completeness
  • Listing of reviewed documents, imaging records, and other records
  • Creation of timeline and chronology
  • Decoding and summarizing of medical records
  • Getting detailed information (as required) from the applicable medical records
  • Tabulation of information got from the medical records.
  • Putting the tabulated information together in an easy to understand format
  • Listing of medical providers

Multifarious Advantages

Medical record review support services help greatly when it comes to litigation involving personal injury, medical malpractice, and so on. Organization and classification of medical records enable easy perusal and retrieval. Such review support facilitates the identification of non-conformity of any performed procedure to the recommended process and incorrect prescription of medication.

If you have chosen the right firm to provide you support services for medical record review, committed experts would handle all tasks in accordance with HIPAA regulations while maintaining superior quality assurance protocols. The firm would function as an extension to your practice. The main benefits you would enjoy include:

  • Customized documentation
  • Fulfillment of basic and comprehensive requirements
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexibility in utilization of client-centric software
  • Customized turnaround
  • Responsive customer support through email or phone
  • Status reports are made available on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis
  • No worries about employing in-house manpower for the task. Outsourcing saves you money and enhances productivity.
  • Audit trail

Choosing the right service provider would definitely ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of medical record reviews.

Source by Bob Kruse