A good anti-aging moisturizer is every woman’s skin beauty essential. Finding out how much it can do to your skin, you’ll be convinced that it is not just talking in the wind ideal thing but a must have beauty tool in your drawer.

Not only that it should provide moisturization by stabilizing hydration (water content) throughout the entire day, but it should also raise your level of antioxidants to protect the skin from the attack of free radicals.

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Be aware that your level of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin should be boosted as they are the main agents for skin aging or bad condition. And stay tuned, there’s even more: the best anti aging moisturizer you can choose is not a simple moisturizer – using it you should be able to decrease your fine lines, get a great base for makeup and also obtain perfect hydration without feeling any unpleasant greasiness or heaviness on your skin. That means that the value of the best anti aging moisturizer will be all in the quality and the ingredients, not in the price.

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When looking for an effective anti aging moisturizer you should know your skin very well: skin type – regular, dry, sensitive, oily or combination, possible allergies, wrinkled areas, driest areas – as your skin is not the same all over the place and has special needs according to specific spots that only you and no one else could know best.

Moisturizers usually contain humectants (urea, glycerin) holding water your skin layers and emollients that increase skin elasticity and smoothing, vitamins, minerals, plants extracts that nourish the skin and factors for sun protection.

In choosing your anti aging skin moisturizer, try to avoid as possible moisturizers that have chemical content and better look for natural ingredients so as to naturally stimulate the growth of proteins and vitamins that your skin needs to regain vitality and youth.

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Source by Gabriel Cojo