Every office setting or work environment has at least one. I call them the Office Gossip. Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize the person because they are very likable. They are good at pretending to be your friend or pretending to be interested in helping a situation or a person. This person can be sneaky about their gossiping to the extent that you may not be fully aware of what’s happening at first. They will often share personal things with you about themselves and will show interest in your life. That’s usually to get you to feel comfortable with them which creates a closeness in their mind but beware. This person is not your friend and is not to be trusted.

Here are some characteristics that I have found to be red flags in identifying this type of person:

  1. Appears to enjoy gossiping about other people.
  2. Don’t seem to have much of a life outside of the office environment.
  3. Seem to thrive on creating conflict in the office.
  4. Tattle tells to the boss.
  5. Exhibits attention seeking behavior.
  6. If you get the feeling when this person is talking to you about other people, this person could be talking about you to other people. He/She probably is. In other words, if they bring a bone, they will take a bone.
  7. Exhibits a very superficial personality.

All these characteristics don’t necessarily have to be present but these are just a few that I think if you experience or see in a person my best advice is to use caution. Whatever you do don’t share personal information or confide in them. Due to their personality type, I guarantee you that this person will use the very information you’ve to share against you when the timing is right for them. Keep your relationship on a professional basis if you have to interact with this individual in the office. If not, stay clear.

Source by Marjorie Malone