In a shocking display of callousness, officials asked army recruits in Muzzafarpur, Bihar to strip down and take their examinations in their underwear. Around 1100 candidates who were asked to apply for the post of an army clerk were asked to strip down to avoid any instances of cheating and to save time on frisking candidates. They were even asked to remove their vests and took their exams clad in only their briefs. They were made to use their thighs as a table.

Army Regional office director Colonel VS Godhara said he was only taking precautions. In the past year, alone he has seen 2 students hiding chits and mobile phones in their undergarments so he had to do what was necessary.

Some students complained of the cold and being uncomfortable for the one hour test but Colonel Godhara said the weather was pleasant and that the candidates would take their physical tests in their undergarments anyway.

The Patna High Court has taken noticed of this incident and filed a PIL on its own. The hearing will be held today.

Bihar is known for blatant public displays of cheating. Only last year, images of friends and relatives climbing the walls of the exam centre to help candidates went viral all over the world causing a huge embarrassment to the state.

Only last week, 1200 students were disqualified from appearing in their Class 12 exams after being found guilty of adopting unfair means. Several persons who had helped them cheat were also arrested. Bihar has imposed a Rs 20,000 fine on those who cheat as well as their accomplices. They have also asked for CCTV cameras to be installed at examination centres.