When one pictures a lake, they think of tranquillity and serenity. Something like a picture that might just pop out of a Disney princess movie.  Surrounded by wonderful woodland creature and if you are lucky enough to catch a sunrise/set over there. But obviously reality is not something that comes from a movie. The Bellundur Lake, Bangalore is quite the opposite of this quaint picture. It looks like something erupted from help and is spewing its evil out into earth. No, this is not an exaggerated image, it is sadly a fact.

Bangalore is known as the garden city of India. Moving away from that title, it now has few of the most toxic lakes. Infested with chemicals that are dumped from various industries, the Bellundur Lake has now started to foam. The froth contains these chemicals and other pollutants. The froth literally snowballs across the lake and comes on to the roads. One of the chemicals that are present in the lake is methane. Due to “mysterious reasons”, the lake caught on fire. After that point, the locals around the area had enough. One of them said, “We have complained to the authorities, but it fell on deaf ears”.  There were also rains that made the condition much worse. This made the lake flood over to the roads. BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike ) Chief Engineer H.C. Anantaswamy said, “the sandbags that had been used to block the drains have been removed. Since it is a low-lying area, water accumulates in the valley after the rains. With the removal of the bags, water should recede in a couple of days”.

Slowly taking action, the locals make sure that their water is treated at their homes. BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) made it compulsory that the areas which are affected, to have water sewage treatment. They are also making sure that these areas are not connected to the underground water system. Apart from this BDA will call tenders to distil storm water drains around the system. The BDA blames the BBMP for blocking and clogging the drains which resulted in the flood.

Still agitated and enraged by the condition of their environment, the locals around the lake are trying to do their bit to save the lake.