If you are a remote control car fan then you should experiment with the assembling of a RC car of your own. Remote or radio controlled cars are great fun for on –road car racing or even off –road car games. However, this takes much effort on your part to assemble an amazing car that you can proudly display.

Assembling your own car can be quite a complex task, but in case of maintenance and repairs, you have an advantage because you know the vehicle in and out. Building your own car will also help to bring out your creativity and to reduce your expenses, you can select what parts will be used and personalize the RC car to suit your specifications. By shopping and researching for the components, you can select the best products at the cheapest rate. However, fuel and battery costs remain much the same whether you assemble a new car or use a car kit.

Building your very own RC car will take a lot of effort and it will also take a long time. It all depends on your experience, the car components and the make. You must make sure to read the instruction manuals thoroughly before you begin to assemble the parts. Although you may not be able to complete the project fast, it is advisable to take breaks occasionally because it breaks the monotony and allows you to concentrate better on the job at hand. .

Here are some tips to consider while creating a new RC car model.

1) The Instruction manual: The first step is to read the instruction manual completely before starting on the project. Understand the guidelines to avoid complications in future and avoid wastage of time. From time to time, check with the manual to see if you are proceeding on the right track.

2) Have a pencil and pad handy: Besides jotting down notes, you may need to note down the screw settings and their positions. It is advisable to note down the positions of the front and rear portions and the sides.

3) Organize your building space: Have a clean and dry towel to keep the car parts from rolling away and it will also help to absorb any fluid spills. Ensure that you cover up the car when you leave it for the day. Also, have your work area where you will not be disturbed. You also need ample lighting to be comfortable while working at the job.

4) Use of containers: It is a good idea to store all the small parts in hardware trays. You can use empty containers, tins or boxes to keep all the smaller parts separated and sorted out.

5) Have a good set of Tools: If you are a serious car builder, you have to procure a set of basic tools such as Phillips head screwdrivers, jewelers’ screwdrivers and a 1 ¼th inch flat blade screwdriver. One set of slip –joint and needle nose pliers can be procured. If you have a nitro model car, you may also require control lock pliers to grasp flywheels. For lines and parts that need to be close cut, you need a flush cutter.

Beginners of this hobby must have patience as remote controlled cars are a new challenge for them. However, there is a great thrill in building your own radio control car from scratch, and it can be a fun activity.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal