Bull Power: The Solution to India’s Power Woes

Patanjali is working on generating electricity using the pulling power of bulls

This bull has no idea what's in store for him (Representative Image)

Looks like Baba Ramdev liked Baahubali 2 a lot. There is a riveting action scene in Baahubali 2 where Prabhas sets fire to the horns of a number of bulls and uses them to hold off the enemy at night. Ramdev wants to do the same, not set fire to their horns obviously, but to make them work at night producing light using their pulling strength.

Baba Ramdev and his aide, managing director Acharya Balkrishna are reportedly working on creating a new alternative source of energy for India’s poor: Bull Power. They have reportedly tied up with a leading Indian multinational automobile manufacturer and a Turkish partner and designed a prototype to harness energy from a bull’s pulling power.

Balkrishna told Economic Times that they wish to change the perception that bulls are not valuable at a time when bulls are being slaughtered. He said that farmers can use the bulls on the fields in the morning and in the evening they can be utilised for the generation of electricity. The poor bull will be working day and night while his sister chills in the shed.

Balkrishna said that in ancient times bulls were used to transport artillery and their power can be put to optimum use with technology, and may we add— a little hocus pocus.

The research project that is underway in Haridwar has managed to yield nearly 2.5 kilowatts of power through a turbine. Patanjali said they will not sell the power that is produced but ensure that bulls are not slaughtered and put to good use by driving themselves to exhaustion.