I’m sure you have never heard “but, I want it now”, expressed by anyone? And, I’m sure you’ve never heard a young person who has just earned their first job express this comment about getting a new car or a new house? Not true, I’m sure especially if you have been around the block a few times. So, what are these people saying or doing that challenges reality?

What these kinds of people are doing is basically to put the cart before the horse. These types of people really do not understand that just because you want something now does not mean that you deserve to get it. What they fail to appreciate is that simply stating a wish or desire gets you know where fast.

Sad to say, however, is that there are thousands of young people, middle age people and older people who have never really understood the dynamics of securing a goal. To them, unfortunately, a goal is something that they either just simply want, or simply expect it to fall into their lap. The same can be said for relationships.

An acquaintance of mine, for example, is very lonely and wishes she had a companion to share life with. She is in her 70’s, is in reasonably good health, is financially independent, and owns her own home. Yet, all she desires is to have a man but does nothing about it. Her only goal is expressed as “I want it now” without any of the substance of a plan of action, or even the minuscule attempts to help realize her goal. She does not belong to any groups of any kind nor does she volunteer her Time in organizations where she would be in constant weekly contact with a host of people. In other words, all she does to reach her goal is to think about it and nothing more.

The same can be said about thousands of workers who toil every day at a job they hate and where every day’s wish is that it was Friday. A fact of life that is sad but true. Each one of these people do the same old thing day after day never taking any action to release themselves from their burdens, and wishing that they had a better job. They would rather complain about the problems that face at work, complain about their bosses or collections rather than using available energy to re-educate themselves so they could move on in life.

The last word is this: you can wish, want and desire all you want but unless you are willing to take concrete actionable steps over and over again, you will always have what you’ve always got.

Source by Byron Pulsifer