Cancer is the most dangerously felt disease in the common. To know more about cancer its better we understand this from the basic. Our body is made of numerous cells and they grow as and when need but when growth of the necessary cells goes beyond the actual requirement then that’s what leads to cancer.

Actually these enormous growth lead to mass in organ called as tumors and this tumors is of two different types Benign and Maglignant.Benign are tumors mostly harmless to life which can be removed from body in operation but Malignant is the one which spreads all over the neighbour tissues and increase the effect of disease worst. These later type of tumor is called as cancer. The symptoms of cancer are different as and depend on the type of cancer affected in our body. There are also cases that cancer does not show any symptoms till it reaches the final stage. The mostly seen and known symptoms are:

FATIGUE – Fatigue is the main and common symptoms seen in all type of cancer due to the seriousness of the disease this fatigue happens and also anemic is lead to our health. This fatigue is seen both in malignant and non malignant tumours, this tumors accordance should be supervised under a physician in the initial stage itself.

IRREGULAR WEIGHT LOSS – Though weight loss is the happy happening to many of us without any effort it yet very dangerous and well known as the welcome note to many kind of diseases as and same his is the main symptoms of cancer also, this weight loss happens without any major change in our general appetite so we should be more cautious when there is a weight loss of 10 pound without effort.

SUDDEN PAIN – We should note one thing clearly that pain will not be the initial symptoms of can it may even be the final and last symptoms. Generally pain accures when the cancer cells start affecting the other organs. The area of pain realized differs as of the type of cancer affected.

FEVER – fever the high temperature raised in the body when it is not in its normal stage. In accordance with the fever level in cancer it comes and goes very frequently and which leads a heavy stress in the immune system of the patient.

CHANGES OF BOWEL – When there is an abnormality in the general bowel habits happened several days then it is generally to be noted and treated properly by a good physician. The disturbance may be stomach upset, blood stools, etc.

COUGH – cough is also the symptoms of cancer that may persist for a long time or not but generally accompanied by blood and mucus that to very seriously.

There is no specific treatment for cancer but there can be some therapy’s which can help us in reducing the illness and effect of stress due to cancer. The therapies can of complementary or alternative type. Complementary therapies include Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Art therapy, Counseling, Massage, and Meditation etc. And as of Alternative therapies it can be Electromagnetic therapy, Essiac (Herbal), Iscador (mistletoe) and Gerson therapy.

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