Simple food (mainly including vegetables and fruits) is helpful to prevent cancer and other fatal diseases. The fibrous food is necessary to protect dangers of cancer and vegetables and fruits are the best source of fibrous food. Using vegetables and fruits 3 to 4 times a day act as a shield against cancer. According to experts, more you use the vegetables and fruits; less will be the danger of cancer.

Some vegetables and fruits contain specific elements which prevent cancer e.g. Apple contains quercetin which helps to prevent lung cancer. Some vegetables and fruits contain vitamin J which prevents the cancer of the stomach, esophagus and womb. By eating grapes or drinking its juice, the blood remains dilute and does not develop blood clots which prevent heart diseases. By drinking one glass of grape juice daily, the danger of blood clots is minimized up to 60% (while aspirin decreases this danger up to 50%). Similarly green tea contains antioxidant element catechin which prevents the cancer of the chest and prostate gland.

In different countries like China and Japan, milk, curd and cheese is prepared from soya bean which is best for the prevention of chest cancer. Red watermelon, red grapes and red tomatoes contain beta carotene “lycopene” which provide protection against heart diseases and cancer. Different experiments and evidences made on heart patients and cancer patients revealed that their fibers contained very small amounts of lycopene. It is important to note that lycopene is found more frequently in ripe tomatoes. It is also found in olive oil and canola oil. Recent researches on walnut have shown that by eating daily a handful of walnuts help to prevent chest cancer. Walnut kernel contains a special element phytosterol which stops the progress of chest cancer.

Following is the detail of some foods which help to prevent cancer.

Green Tea: – World health experts agree that green tea contains an element “Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate” (EGCG) which produces new blood particles, due to which cancer tumor cannot develop. Recent research has shown that people having two cups of tea daily are saved from skin cancer. Tea contains free radicals which kill such molecules which create corruption in the human body.

Curd: – The researchers from Ohio State University have proved through experiments that the cancer of prostate cells in the human body can be successfully cured with curd. Because milk contains whey protein which stops the development of cancer cells in the prostate. A recent research has shown that curd is the best remedy for cancerous cells. According to National Cancer Institute of Washington, curd contains such chemicals which are the best cure for cancerous effects in the stomach and intestine.

Orange Peel: – The outer colorful peel of orange contains a special element which helps to prevent cancer.

Turmeric: – World health experts agree that germs causing cancer of the intestine can be killed with the help of turmeric. Though turmeric does not finish the germs, but it does reduce the swellings which eventually lead to cancer.

Walnut: – Walnut oil contains vitamin E and vitamin E contains an element “Gemma Tocopherol” which is best remedy for prostate and lung cancer.

Ginger and Onion: – European health experts say that daily use of ginger and onion helps to prevent different kinds of cancer. Health experts examined the chemical elements “sulfur compounds” present in these two vegetables and proved that these chemical elements stops development of cancer.

Soya: – According to the study of the National University of Singapore, frequent use of soya food reduced the danger of stretching of woman’s chest tissues up to 60%. This stretching is responsible for chest cancer. According to University of California, at puberty, frequent use of soya food prevents the danger of chest cancer in women. Besides, elements of soya are also helpful for the development breast glands.

Source by Muhammad Qasim Khan