“Oprah Winfrey once said,
The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”

Celebrations are an integral part of each and every person. The purpose of these celebrations is to remove the dismal and anguish from our life. The joy from these celebrations drains out each distress and gloominess from our life. Since then our ancestors found the way out the way to dissipate the feelings of each being. And then the way was to celebrate each and every moment. Each culture formed some rituals and occasions to be conducted periodically every year.

Like Americans did such as Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Christmas, April Fool Day; like Russians did such as Russian Easter or Christmas, apple day, honey day; like Asians did such as Dragon festival in China, Diwali, and Holi in India, Pongal Day in Sri Lanka.

With the growing perception of the world, humans want to get acknowledged about each happening in the world. Some festivals across the world have been discussed:

Holi – This festival is a Hindu festival and it is embarked by coming of springtime and is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima. This festival marks the victory of good over bad. Differences between the people are bridged and they playfully participate in this festive. To enhance the joy of this festival, gulal, colored water filled balloons, bhang (a traditional drink), pichkari etc. The celebration of Holi begins with the Holika Dehan (a bonfire), and next day is celebrated as Dhulhandi (playing with colors). Mouth watering dishes such as Gujiya, Malpuas, Mathri, Puran Poli, Dahibadhes etc. are made. With this celebration many legends are also attached like the legend of holika and prahaladh, Radha Krishna, dhundhi, pootana, kamdeva.

April Fool Day – This day is celebrated throughout the world on 1st April. The day is marked with the commencing of jokes and pranks played on each other without hurting anybody’s sentiments. In countries like UK, Australia, and South Africa, the jokes last until the noon, and if someone tries to play prank after that is known as April fool. In other countries, jokes last all the day. The origin of this day is ambiguous. But the hints can be found from the time of Noah, King Charles IX, and Canterbury Tales.

Thanksgiving Day – The origination of this festive is from the United States and Canada. It is celebrated as fourth Thursday in November in US and second Monday in October. This occasion is celebrated for giving thanks to the God for harvesting crops and giving honor to the farmers. This celebration occurred at the site of Plymouth Plantation in 1621. On this day, Pilgrims hosted a delegation of Wampanoag led by a chief Massasoit.

Valentine Day – The Valentine’s Day is honored on the two martyrs named as Valentine of Terni and Valentine of Rome and is celebrated on 14th February. On this day, lovers express their loves to their partners by sending those cards, flowers, and gifts.

Source by Chaman Goyal