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If your partner cheated on you physically, you would definitely be devastated; but what if they did something intimate with someone one that wasn’t sex? Redditors list out some things that – if their partners would do with or to someone else, it would make them very upset.

1. If Another Woman Wears His Clothes

My husband was a DJ when we were younger and one time I came into his bar and the female lead from the live band at the bar was wearing his hat. Strangely I felt annoyed and strangely she quickly took the hat off and returned it to my husband when she saw me. [cannotwalk]

2. Refusing You, Not Someone Else

Anything they refused to do with me but did with someone else afterwards. I’d be crushed. [ThistleMirror]

Early in our relationship, my girlfriend (now wife) refused to sing in front of me. She told me horror stories about being forced into a young vocal club as a kid, and hated her singing voice. Then she went and on a whim auditioned for her high school’s musical with her friend (a guy). It really bugged me at the time. [King_Buliwyf ]

3. Someone Taking a Bite out of Your Food

While working at a site, someone asked for instructions while I was in the middle of lunch. So, I was standing on a plant floor, explaining while eating a half-wrapped PBJ.

As I pointed and gesticulated, a woman, being playful, was moving her head to following the sandwich. I held still and she scarfed a very large bite (right where I had last bitten.)

Her BF was near, saw and it started an argument. I had no idea they were together… [MiserableLurker]

4. Not Respecting Privacy

Confiding secrets about our relationship. [tkh0812]

5. Tickling [pulchritudinousest]

Tickling = sex

6. Work Spouses

A woman thinking or calling my husband her “work husband” sends me over the edge. [Kiki_namaste]

7. Giving a Girl the Same Gift

Or give a female friend the same present he got you.

“You both have the same taste in earrings so I got you both the same set.” [lydocia]

8. Sleeping Together Literally

Sleeping in the same bed. Not necessarily sexual, but pretty intimate [GIfuckingJane]

9. Cheating with TV

Watching new episodes of anything we’re both watching together. [Jonesgrieves]

10. Foot Massage [SoManyHats]

Any massage except from a masseuse = sex